Thursday, 17 March 2011


Disclaimer *I am in no way saying that I am obese* please hold the steups and cut eye

At some point we all have a few lbs we'd like to lose from here or here, and sometimes here too. The thing is, I'm no longer in my 20s, so it takes me double the time to dispose of the same amount of weight as it did back then. I can't tell you how much I weigh, no I mean that, I can't tell you, because I don't know. I assume that I need to lose about 15lbs, but I don't own a scale and I don't like the idea of being driven by a particular weight. I am not overweight for my height and frame, but I'm not  comfortable, and neither are my skinny jeans.My wanting to drop some lbs isn't driven by a number goal, but by how I feel in my clothes. if I can no longer fit comfortably in a particular pair of jeans I know I need to do something about it. And the answer is not to buy a bigger size.

I'm not a lover of the gym. I was however in a relationship with a man who has a love affair with the gym. He bullied me into getting a gym membership so we could "workout together", which meant him and his buddies in the weight room, and me on the treadmill fending off lecherous  old men who found it appropriate to try to talk to me while huffing and puffing and trying to see their feet which were hiding under their massive guts. I also didn't quite enjoy the young men who would stand in front of me at the leg press machine (you know, the one where you sit with your legs splayed and press the weights inwards with your thighs) while obviously hoping they had x-ray vision to see my crotch through my black exercise leggings, tights whatever they're called.
The relationship and my gym membership lasted about the same amount of time.It didn't pass 12 months..

So I'm at home trying to work out an hour a day, yoga, step machine, leg lifts, something, because this fat is not cute. If the fat would land on my chest and pump up my lady lumps I'd be happy. But seeing that it has moved into the hip, thigh and more than ample ass area, it has to go. Operation evict fat, in full effect.

Now should I have pumpkin soup or saltfish and green bananas for lunch.....