Tuesday, 19 July 2011

there's this man....

I was perusing a friend's blog recently about a recent heartbreak and I thought maybe it was time for me to get back to my own blog.

There's this man who I love....he has his own life and situation to deal with so I won't be getting into all of that... so anyway there's this man who I love. He made a statement the other day and I can apply it to myself in a certain way. It was a blanket statement, and he acknowledged that it was a generalization. ..He said that there are some women who fall in love with a situation and will do anything to keep that situation, and there's the woman who fall in love with a man and will do what they have to, in order to keep that man.

I do agree. There's a man who I love, he has his own life and situation. There are times when he's been selfish and made decisions without me that have affected me, and as a result hurt me in one way or the other. Sometimes his decisions have been selfish just for being selfish, and others have been selfish (in my eyes) by him doing what he felt was selfless.
But I love him. And if this puts women's lib back a few, then so be it. There are certain things I'll "put up" with to have him in my life. I'm not talking about walking in and catching him with another woman, kinda thing. But he has a situation, and who knows how it will pan out, but I love him, I'm not interested in anyone else, nor do I want to be.
I know there are the people who will say "girl don't wait on a man" I can simply reply, that I'm not particularly waiting on him. He's not married and tells me he'll leave his wife. It's nothing like that. I just know that it would be really unfair to be with someone else knowing my feelings for him. I've tried it, the other person can only distract me for so long before whatever energy I put into helping them heal/be fixed wears off and I start to see who they really are. NOT HIM!
I'm not waiting on his situation to change, because we don't actually know if it will, when it might and how that will play out. But there's this man who I love, and I  understand what he's going through and I'm willing to go through it with him..even if that means I do it from afar. I am willing to support him through this whole thing because I love him and I have to believe that he's not lying to me when he explains what's going on.
Some people might think me stupid, too trusting, blinded, whatever. I've come to realise that not everything is what it seems to be. I've also come to understand that when you look at someone's relationship, you never see the full story. You see what's put out there. What you see as a happy situation is sometimes only happy for the public stage.
So like I said, there's this man who I love and I think he loves me right back...so it is what it is and what is to is will is.


  1. "so it is what it is and what is to is will is." I agree.... being the hopeless romantic I am, I want this to end happily for you. Just be careful...

  2. probably won't..i don't really have hope..cause I know the situation...but we shall see