Monday, 25 July 2011

The Simple Life

I've been meaning to write on this for a while but something kept stopping me, when the time is right, the time is right.

Those darn suffragettes, they fought for a lot, burned a few bras and afforded women the freedoms they have today. ...

So I kinda feel like I'm taking women's lib back a hundred years or so, when I say that, I'd be more than happy being the woman who stays at home, takes care of her family, and still gets to still be creative; painting, making soap, cooking, etc.

Am I?

At first we were made to feel like bad people because we wanted to go off and find a job. Then we were bad because we wanted the child and the career. Now we're bad because we (well some of us) are happy just being the soccer mom.

I have this little talent (?)..I make these pretty little soaps. I was good making them for friends and family. My mom thought it would be a good little business.. so I'm trying it. I was recently offered an opportunity that really doesn't come along all that often, if ever. It however involves doing something that is very far off my comfort meter. Yes in business that's what you do., I just don't have the drive that pushes someone to push past the gag reflex and swallow the sword. I'm not cut out for business, I'm not a business person.  You could say that I'm not ambitious, it'll be seen as a negative. But I like being Martha for my small circle of friends and family. If that builds to more then ok. Can it build without me having to be in the public eye? I would hope so. I have no interest in being a famous soap maker, well a famous soap maker who has to do public speaking.

Does it make me boring? Not really; travel and adventuring and all sorts of things are on the bucket list, I like sexy shoes and I'm open to (hmm open eh) trying new things...I just don't need a whole lot to be happy.

I would be happy with a job that hides me from the world and keeps me in nice shoes. I'd be happy to possibly be a wife, possibly a mommy, and be home with the little one, or work, or work from home (I will need a cleaner). I'm happy supporting the man in my life and never having to set foot in the spotlight other than to up the support.
I don't see that as being a bad thing, without the spine, the body wouldn't be able to stand tall.

So is it wrong to just want to live an average life, without the excitement, but with a whole lot of happy? I think not, I just wish people wouldn't make it seem like it is. There are few things in this world that I fight for, I'm generally not on the top of that list. I go hard for the people I love.Maybe I put too much energy into taking care of other people... then again, maybe that's what I was put here to do. I just prefer to do it from the sidelines...cheer for you, feed you, teach you. If that takes me back 100 be it.

On another note...I think I disappointed someone tonight, it's not a nice feeling. But hopefully this post will explain my POV.

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  1. Vee I totally get where you're coming from. I sometimes...well lately more often...feel that way