Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Exercising the mind....to exercise the body....?.....

Someone recently said to me "I know how you lost weight...jumping to conclusions". LOL

Let me start off by saying.. I know that I can move from point A to Z in what seems (to others) like no time at all. But trust me there's a method to my madness. It's not far fetched to get from A to Z in 0-60, it's just how my mind works. Yes I know I can stop at B and ask a question and leave it there, but depending on how fast I want out of a situation that seems on the verge of bringing me to tears, my mind over powers my common sense and takes over. I can explain how I got to Z quite easily if the person wants to know.

Take this example. I say to you: "I need the garden landscaped and I'd like your unique expertise" and you reply "You know there are other people who can fix that up for you, my expertise isn't all that unique". I'm going to assume that you don't want the job. Then I'm (wrong for doing this, but it's a fault of mine) going to put myself in your place, if you don't want this job, then that other job in the backyard I asked about a while back with no reply, is probably going down the same road. Here I will assume that you are probably booked up with jobs and do not need nor want mine, and you're quite happy because you're getting paid.

See, A-Z, that's how I arrived at that point. It's best to say yes I want the job, no I don't want the job, yes I want the job but I can't handle it right now, please keep me in mind for any work you might have going later on. Especially at present when my psychic powers of deduction and ESP are very wonky.

I actually wish jumping to conclusions (aka.A to Z in 0- 60) would help me lose weight. Cause I have a ways to go yet.

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