Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Where you at?


Disney, our mama's, life, feeds us fairy tales. You know, poor little rich/not so rich girl, goes through some traumatic experience, schleps about for a few years, all despondent, forgotten, lost, and then one day out of nowhere, a genie, a benefactor (think Pretty Woman) , prince charming comes along and rescues her.

So I'm just wondering where you at?

Not to sound whiney but where the hell are you? I don't particularly need rescuing, but someone to watch Burn Notice with would be nice sometimes. I think I've been a pretty good girl, yes I've said some foul ish when needed and sometimes out of hurt and anger, but my conscience is clear. So why am I in this life rut, and I say life because my whole life just doesn't feel right at the moment.

This isn't about me wanting what other people have, because I sure as hell don't know what they did to get it, actually in some cases I do know, and that's worse. I just have to wonder when my turn's gonna come. Patience may not be a virtue I have, but I feel like I've been waiting for a decade and still, bubkis.

I just need someone who knows where the light switch is, because right now all I feel is lost in the dark

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