Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Game

Ok, for those of you who don't know, BET has a show called "The Game", it was canceled, it's returned, black folk watch and discuss. It's about a football team, the wives and players and their lives.

The latest episode aired this week, and (thank you facebook) a male friend made a comment, that the character Janay is less 'skanky' than the character Melanie.
Little background; player, Derwin, cheated on his fiance Melanie with football groupie Janay, left Melanie because Janay ended up pregnant and he thought this was what he was "supposed" to do. End of the day he still loved Melanie, and they got back together, and got married, Janay had the baby and they were all playing happy families. Melanie gave the baby a DNA test (yes it was wrong, but it was on a whim, not premeditated) and Janay was furious told Derwin she was gonna take him to court for money, and he decided to try to appease everyone especially himself, lied to his wife and was spending a day a week hanging with the baby momma and kid.

Ok, so he made this comment that Janay is less skanky and Melanie is insecure and jealous. Melanine slept with more people than Derwin (but Janay was a groupie eh, she had her fair share of mens) and Janay is the baby mama.
I asked, why is it that the baby mama gotta always win. First off he cheated on his woman and got the other woman pregnant. The other woman knows how in love he is with his child, and is using that to get back up under him. While his wife has forgiven him, and has accepted the child, the baby will forever be a constant reminder of what he did. Don't get me wrong, this is in no way the child's fault, and once she's accepted the situation I would expect her to treat the child like her own. But it's a slap in the face, and the other woman knows this, the fact remains she will always be the mother of the 1st child. That right there is a big deal. But I'm still trying to understand how he could say Janay is less skanky. Seriously? WTF?
Everything the wife is doing, stems from an insecurity that the man caused. Yet she loves him so she's trying to accept the situation and live with his mistake. Yet he lies in her face and runs off to play house with the same chick trying to wife him up by manipulating the situation and using her child to do it. That is just wrong to me, and SKANKY. Who uses a baby to catch a man? That ish still works?

It was my male friend and another female and i in this little discussion. It was just interesting to see where he was coming from, since she and I (who do not know each other) had pretty much the same thought process. He on the other hand, needs to take a slow boat back to Mars. Love you boo, but uh uh

Just because you're the baby mama, doesn't mean you have rights to the man. ....just sayin

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