Friday, 14 January 2011

Bred or Wed

Soooooo hello

My cousin and I were having a conversation the other day, talking about age and where we're at (he's older) and he made this statement : "you're where I was a few years ago, all my friends were either bred or wed".

He is very right. I'm soon to be 31 and most everyone in my closest friend circle, either has a child, is thinking about having a child/or pregnant. And along the same line, they're either engaged or married. It seems that there's something in the water, and I'm currently using my Brita filter, because I am not interested in what everyone seems to be drinking. I don't know what's going on. Thankfully I'm in my hermit mode right now, but when I do go out with parents, they're forever twitching and jumpy ready to run home in case baby wakes up and needs water. I'm sorry....didn't you two come out for a night out together? Unless the child has ingested some poison, has slit it's wrists, had a heart attack or some other serious illness, why exactly do you need to be on tenterhooks rushing home cause baby missed mommy and daddy? I know I have no child, but I would think some "together alone time" is necessary for a healthy relationship to thrive. Being parents doesn't mean that it must become ALL about the mini human you created.

Also, some friends recently got engaged. They've been together forever and I keep hearing people say "well it's about time". Really? About time for what? What is this time frame that you people seem to be following? Please let me know where I find a hard copy and burn it. There is only a "right time" and that time is whenever it's right for the people involved. It may be 2 weeks, or 5 months, or 10 years, or never, but it's not for us outside the relationship to be passing judgment.

Someone close to me just had a mini human, I don't know the circumstances, I just wish them all the best. Someone who used to be close to me recently suffered through a miscarriage. I may sound callous, but sometimes it takes a wrong to make a right. It is quite possible this isn't the "right" time for the couple, it may never be the right time, but I hope they console each other and try to move on.

On another note, when 2 people end a relationship, people outside of that relationship need to move on with their lives. Telling X about Y's new woman or vicey versy love, is not necessary. Find something else to chat bout.

I am quite thankful that I like my own company, or I'd be going crazy with all the loved up babied up couples going out but still being at home.

I am fed up of people asking me why I've yet to "round up the belly". They make a cure for that, it's called ginger tea..but any carbonated beverage will  do...cause they must be talking about having gas. I'm in no way old fashioned, but I'd rather not go into motherhood as a single parent, if it happens to not work out then fine, but seeing that I have no wanted sperm donor at my side, I'll pass on the rounding up of the belly. I always tell people.....maybe I should have mentioned it to him sooner......that there is only one man who I would ever willingly have a C Section for...I'm sorry a 6-jah alone knows how many lbs mini human forcing its way out of my vajayjay is not an experience that has me thinking "aaaaaaaaa the heavens have shone down on me".
Thing is, I don't think that person will ever be donating sperm to me... things are not looking too good on that road, so guess what...*drumroll* I will probably never have a mini me. I'm ok with that. So please stop asking me or you will be on the recieving end of some not so nice language.

In the words of Uncle from the old Jackie Chan cartoon... "one more tiiiing" I hate these rainy days, because rain makes me crave that kind of company. The sad thing is, I only want specific company. I get offered company all the time, but I've been there and done that and designed the t-shirt. While that kind of company would be loooovely (it would be great exercise) I don't want that in my life anymore. I am very ready to be settled down with one man. What that one man and I decide to do "that" sort of company wise, is our business. But that's what I want, and I'm not willing to settle for less....unless Jon B wanna hollaa....*hey boo..saaang to me*. So I am quite aware that I may end up alone with a toy dog..poodle or chihuahua or whatever in my handbag, being called crazy by all around me, but I'm ok with that. I'm not so ok with the cobwebs and rust on my vajayjay, but thems the breaks sometimes.

So you there...yep you, the one I wanna be my babydaddy...bring your A game and A sperm in the next 5 years let's do the damn thing. Or it's into retirement for you miss vajayjay.

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