Friday, 27 August 2010

a "good" man

Facebook is going to be my bread and butter for this blog!

So my FB friend had up a status that reads "Today’s PSA - When a good man wants you take HIM , Don’t brush him off hoping to get a better man , because he might be the last one".  Hmmmmmm

So I ask, what  exactly is wrong with being alone, and i get the response "i have 2 words, "old maid".


This kind of archaic thinking is rather irritating. I mean you don't usually see a woman saying ...hey dude, you better take that good woman cause she may be the last one and you don't want to end up an old butler... (unless your friend's last name is Butler and you want them to live to a ripe old age).

What madness is this really. So women must take this "good man" on because someone considers him a good man it means we all will, or that he actually is one...otherwise we might just brush him off and end up alone with a couple cats (not of the lesbian variety). Because why? I think this is actually one of the major reasons that people end up in a stagnant unhappy marriage, where they end up cheating or doing whatever for excitement, to dull the depression of being stuck with someone who isn't right for them. We gotta stop getting hung up on the "good man" thing. As far as I'm concerned, there isn't a "good man/mr right" just a man who is right for you.

Anyway back to the double standard statement. Apparently if you don't have a man you have failed as a woman, much worse as a human. People, seriously? You need to be happy in your own company before you can be happy in someone else's. So if you need to latch on to this "good man" because you live in fear of having to entertain're not actually ready for him.

Guess what? He may not be the last one, and just because he's considered good, doesn't mean he's the right man for you. You ever thought that maybe just maybe you may not be meant to be Mrs somethingortheother? It's not all mapped out in stone that we all have to be "together". Hell people are always going on about the "lifelong bachelor" George Clooney, and are all gushing about it. But a woman can't be a lifelong bachelorette?

I'm not saying that you need to be alone, or not be receptive to a relationship, but for fuck's sake you don't have to take the first open spot in the parking lot because the mall is full and you're worried you may not find another space. Hell if you take the time to perhaps drive around once more, you might just find the perfect spot that you hadn't actually noticed was there for you before.

I'm just saying....

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The "Whooty"

A friend of mine recently posted a picture on his facebook page, of a "whooty", you know a white (girl with a) booty, with the caption "where do they grow these". This picture sparked a huge debate.

I think I was the first to comment, something along the lines that all that is growing is a sale in silicone. After me, there were numerous mentions of maybe she does squats and goes to the gym...all by one guy. This same one guy decided that any female who mentioned implants or those booty pop panties had to be a *drum roll* HATER!

Excuse me for a minute here ok, but I don't really think that if you were born with a square flat ass, a million or more squats will turn it round and applicious. I'm getting the feeling that this brutha probably dates white chicks and has some self hate issues hiding in his scrotum. Hey, I'm not saying anything is wrong with dating a white chick.... I'm sure some are born with a big ole butt.... (insert shifty eyes)

Ever since Kim K and her "leaked" sex tape and her whooty, it seems ass implants are no longer reserved for video hos models and groupies. Nowadys little Becky from the bible belt is rushing out to buy some ass enhancing drawers dye her hair blonder than it already is and add some brown highlights, put on some barbie pink lipstick with the dark brown lipliner, and fake eyelashes to try to work her way up from l'il mo mo from the wrong side of the tracks, to a "baller" (you know the tall or stocky black guys who kick or throw a ball for a living) to the ultimate "big baller" (the rapper), and indulge in some "look pa I done found me a mandingo who licks me better than he picks ya cotton" fantasies

I think I'm missing the days where (cue Sir Mixx-a-lot video) the white chicks looked at a big old bootilicious I can see that ass from the front..., butt with disdain.

And me trying to get rid of my god given the world done flipped y'all.

Monday, 23 August 2010

things that make me go.hmmm politricks

It never ceases to amaze me how many things are politically motivated. They give Hurt Locker the "best movie" award, because it was made by a female. Right there, the old boy's club that is  Hollywood, is PC. But let's not stop there. They couldn't actually give the award to the movie that deserved it (not just cause I liked this movie ok), for creative use of CGI and good acting, and great cinematography. How could they give the award to Avatar, when the country has troops (under the guise of lending a helping hand); doing exactly what was portrayed in the movie.... going into another country, stripping it of its natural resources and disposing of any natives that get in the way...oh wait....that sounds familiar doesn't it.

I was watching the Miss Universe 2010  pageant, in which we had a contestant spewing nonsense about how she wants the world to know that it's all about how you feel on the hello....this is a BEAUTY pageant on the most public level. But it get's better, because I was only half right, it's not just a beauty pageant, it's a way to soothe ruffled feathers. So they crown a Mexican, who's answer made no sense..but hey we don't see the talent portion, maybe she pulled a way to clean up the BP oil spill out of a   hat.....The crown a Mexican over the Jamaican girl, who clearly answered her question better...I wan't fond of her dress mind you, and she did pretend to be a twizzler when she walked, but apart from that, she was the front runner. But hey what do we know about judging right? Ok I've gone off course. Yes, they crown a Mexican, over the woman who seemed more deserving...and can we figure out why? Was it perhaps because of the very strained relationship (border patrols and immigration, arizona and whatnot) between the USA and Mexico?

I'm just saying.......

Sunday, 22 August 2010

True Blue

Have you ever had a situation where you were good enough for something not for another? I don't mean you are great with numbers and bad with grammar.

From what I gather, the paleness of my skin and the fact that people think I'm not bad looking and some hold me in some sort of esteem, meant that I was good enough to be with, to walk around with, to be shown off like a shiny new trophy, to hopefully be bred to produce lite and rite curly haired babies. However the fact that I had my own voice, opinion and in no way cared to be singing that stupid Destiny's Child song about catering to a man, meant that I had a defect and that defect need to be corrected.


I recently looked at "Madea's family Reunion", hadn't seen it in a while and I was in awe of the mother telling her daughter that she needed to "stop doing whatever it is you're doing to make him angry, then you won't have a problem". I mean hello? Your child is being abused and that's the advice you have. Being abused because she wasn't living up to whatever he considered HIS standards. Look pretty, don't say much, just be the killer accessory to compliment my designer suit.

Ladies, and Mens, (yes I meant to write that ok) back up and walk away as fast as you can without tripping over your joy of escape, if you're in a situation where the abuse is physical, mental or emotional, and trust me, having to be someone else to please your S.O is tantamount to Chinese water torture, at some point the real you and that fake persona you created will come to loggerheads. And like with quicksand, the more you fight against yourself the deeper you sink.

Let me be very clear about something. If you cannot be, or are not allowed to show you true self with the person you're with, then you need not be with that person!