Monday, 10 May 2010

there has to be more to life than this......

this statement was made in casual conversation today and it got me thinking.....

Life sometimes seems like going hiking, bear with me here for a moment. You pack all supplies that you think will be needed, and of course a map of the area. You might even ask the advice of people who have done the hike before. The thing is, everyone has their own opinion on what is the best trail to take.

What I mean is, people are herded towards the one "right" path. get an education, get a job, find a mate, build a house, have some kids etc.........But what's to say that is the correct path for everyone to take?

If you say that you don't want to procreate, you're bombarded with a plethora of reactions, mainly a shock horror, something must be wrong with you.

If you don't want to go the education...mainstream, college university business, law or medical degree, again you must be mad. I remember my mother telling her boss once that I wanted to study The Arts, his own daughter had confided in me that she too was interested, but his reaction was that no one could make money off painting, why on earth would anyone allow their child to go such a crazy thing.

God, Jah, Allah, Buddah...whatever, forbid that you harbor an "I don't want to get married thought". That means you're absolutely positively nuts, because all people want to be married and women really need to be someone's wife. *sigh* With the wrong person that ring feels like a really small handcuff, fingercuff?

many of us end up in places, relationships etc that we're not completely happy in, but stay there because it just feels that that's where we are supposed to be at that point in our lives, because we have gotten so close to the situation and people that we feel obligated to see it through or feel bad about walking away from or hurting the other people that become casualties. We feel this way because we've been told all our lives that this is the road we need to trod. But is it really? why do we need to walk this path?Who really wants to end up settling because, they're unsure that they can have what they really want, but while 'this' isn't a great substitute for what they want, it's good enough that though they're not happy, they're also not unhappy. Are fates really sealed, or is there some way to break out of the fingercuff?

All I'm saying is that maybe before taking a trail on someone's advice, it may be best to consider that we all have different gaits, and your walk might not feel the same as the footsteps of people who have already taken that road, whether it be high or low.