Friday, 17 December 2010


It's been forever since I wrote a poem...but I woke up this morning with words in my head, so I grabbed a book and let my pen do some walking...comments will be appreciated..or not

ghosts usually reside in my head
the ghost of a lover's touch
that washes over me, makes me
feel warm and lifts me
the ghost of a lover's kiss, on my neck
on my forehead, on my ...lips
hands on my ..hips
but your ghosts are all over this place
in the shower
trying to wash the love off, so sunday lunch
won't consist of wheres and whos
at the fridge, water to head, quenching
another thirst after the first
in the hammock at peace, eyes closed
trying not to fall asleep, so as to leave
before mommy comes home
in my bed fast asleep, like an angel
like a dream, was it ever.... real?
ghosts usually reside in my head
they don't walk past and brush against
me in the hallway, and hold me tight
no words, at the door
they don't get mad and leave only to
return 5, 10 , 15 minutes later, telling
me to open the door and let them in
they don't drive into my yard, or open
my gate, not that gate anyway
pick fruit from my trees and demand
things of me, but that i wallow
in memories of the times gone past
good times, great times, when there was
happy in me, around me, you loved me
ghosts usually live in my head
they don't come out of my pen
and live on my pages
but this ghost is different
this ghost exists
this ghost doesn't speak
this ghost doesn't reply to emails
or texts
this ghosts doesn't answer questions
or visit, this ghost really may not
exist......never existed
this ghost is a living breathing man
of flesh and bones, a good man
with credentials, intelligence,good
looks, no jail record, a ...job
this ghost of a man will talk to
anyone no matter their status
hmm...this ghost of a man might
actually be a ghost
a ghost from my head alive now on
my pages, alive every time i put
pen to paper, or fingertips to keyboard
ghosts usually live in my head
until i open my heart enough to
love them
then they exist only in the
white noise of my radio, the
static on my screen, the inter
in my
ghosts usually reside in my head
but are alive and well in this
waking dream....nightmare...where
i now live

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