Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Hurricane Tomas....

Let me start out by saying that I'm all for celebrating life. It's just that we as a people tend to put a great value on some really insignificant and frivolous things.

If I'm to compare the  damage in my little island to that of St. Lucia, we could say we fared very well. I don't like to compare, not when I'm looking at my extra fat, and certainly not about who's country more mash up than who's. We didn't actually fare well. Most of the agriculture has be annihilated, many almost if not just about 1% (which may not seem like much, but to every one of those people it's a whole lot) of the population is living (as much as you can call it that) in shelters around the island. There has been severe damage to the infrastructure here. We however are a resilient people and will bounce back....it will however take a lot of rebuilding, replanting and positive vibes and outside aid.

Now in wake of all this damage and in light of the fact that there are still weather systems out there, can someone please explain to me, why this 19 year old (and yes I was that young once.......) is asking me if a postponed party will be rescheduled for this weekend and that they will pray for good weather since they will be on the island and would like to attend. (.....but I was never this shallow). What The Fuck?! I was really irritated and had to literally bite me lip to stop myself from saying something untoward. That to me is as bad as people calling into the radio stations to complain about the fact that they don't have cable restored. Again What The Fuck?! The mere fact that you can call in means your phone is up and running, that you can turn your TV on not only means that you have electricity but that you are in the comfort of your own home. And you want to tell me that you are calling in to complain about not being able to watch some television show, when there are people without water, electricity, or a damn home? My cable is working fine, I know this because the digital box is on, my television however has deserted me, and while I'd love to be watching some show on The food network right now, I'm not complaining, because I'm alive and well and dry, with running water and electricity and food.

Aid will be necessary to rebuild, so to the Trinidadian PM: if your country cannot afford to give aid, money food whatever, fine. Just say. "we cannot afford it" but statements that come across sounding like in order for you to help a sister/brother nation your palms must be greased first, will only serve to alienate other governments and people who you may one day have to rely on to save your ass.

enough of my "soapbox" for the time being. My head still periodically aches from a weekend doing nothing (because I refused to strain my already bad eyes reading by candle light) but residing in my own head over analyzing and over thinking a lot of things.....


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