Friday, 26 November 2010

green eye(shadowed) monster??

I'm female, but I sometimes cannot understand my sister womenfolk. I had an encounter with my ex man's new chick recently. Honestly I do not know how this chick looks, I mean I know now, but unless she's wearing bright green eyeshadow again, I doubt I'll recognise her, because neither of them are of any importance to my life.

I went into a store to get something and approached 2 young ladies behind a counter, to ask about said item, they said they had it and one came out to walk to the the aisle I needed to be in, the other just keep looking at me. Now with the way females have been getting bolder in their game, I wasn't sure if she was eyeing me up or giving me the once over, either way I wasn't interested. So I go with the other girl and locate the item, while we're walking I hear a loud speaker spewing political mumbo jumbo and turn to the door to see which party it was repping, the bright green eyeshadow is staring at I'm like WTF?? anyway, another woman comes to get one and we all get into animated chatter about why we need it and when they were going to get the actual thing in the size we needed (get your dirty minds out of the gutter). I take it though not adequate in size and go to a checkout, again chatting with the person at the register and then I leave.

A couple steps out the door and it hit me, that a friend had said that the new chick worked in that store, and someone had once shown me her picture (why I have no clue) and with her colouring and hairstyle it then dawned on me...*lightbulb*. I know that she knows how I look, because we've all been at the same event before, and he's the type to feel the need to point me out to her.

Something wrong with me for not being bothered about things like this? This is kinda why I'm writing this. I mean this is normal? You have a man, what's the reason for staring at the ex? Why are you bothered? You feel threatened, inadequate...? Unless the ex is all up on your man every time she has a chance or is spreading some propaganda and trying to start some drama, then she means nothing to you and yours. Move on and enjoy your life. (ps, you might want to check your man)

I must be odd, because I do not begrudge anyone happiness, love, their man, success. Sure sometimes it's not easy having to watch my coupled and loved up friends, and there's this one guy whose girl I wish would cease to exist...but I'm not gonna be staring her down like it's gonna do something.

women get a grip, enjoy the time you have with your man, once that's what you want, and ignore the outside distractions that shouldn't even distract you.

i'm just saying....

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