Monday, 4 October 2010


What the hell?!!! Yep that was me yesterday when I saw the silver hair in my head....well at least it wasn't somewhere else right??????right?????
When did this colour change start? I know it's fall, but i thought the leaves were changing colour, not my hair.
I suppose I could get rather upset about this turn of events. You know, pull a Kim Kardashian and start the botox, go dye my hair jet black to the point of it being tinged with that rustish colour....that rustish colour that no one actually means to happen...yes older men,(and a few women) we know you dying it. But I can't panic, I had really good girl days, and my girl days aren't over, even if my hair thinks itself to be my "leaves".
I'm  not saying silver because I can't accept gray, it's just that it's actually silver. It feels different than the other stands too, kind of how the blonde strands running though my hair feel...FAKE....but they're not.

*sigh* bring on the midlife crisis

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  1. Like fine Wine..gets better with Age.. Trust me I would know...I have more than a few grays myself.. youngster :-)