Wednesday, 8 September 2010 must have it

I have a male friend ( soon to be acquaintance if he doesn't quit acting up) who is forever telling me I need to go get laid. Fine while there might be some truth to that, I am not of the ilk who thinks her lady parts will cease up, stop working and ultimately drop out, if some stiff rod of maleness doesn't enter it every fucking week.

This is what I can't understand. You like apples, but you don't have to eat an apple every day for your mouth to stay in working condition. So why the hell is it that you feel I need to fuck down the place with all and sundry or anything alive and functioning with a penis in order to keep my vagina from rusting shut?

I do not need you to me, I do not need someone to point out eligible men to be. I have working eyes I can see. I also have a brain and free will which both enable me to make choices for myself. So is it a bad thing that while I would like some "exercise", I didn't feel it necessary to stop the reprobate with the small feet who looked like he hadn't had a bath in days, who's grammar was atrocious, and who wasn't the slightest bit attractive (to me), and rape him? STEUPS!!! Some people real fucking retarded! My apologies to anyone who actually for medical reasons (though we don't use that term anymore) falls into this category.

Listen to me eh... because you are a damn man know, once it has a vagina and breathes it's a feast for days....does not mean I am looking to join you, go recruit someone else who feels the same. If you wanna do that fine, but if you know for a fact that someone else doesn't..why keep trying to push it on them? What are you a missionary in Afrika?

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