Saturday, 4 September 2010

GOS (Gal pon di Side)

"The gal pon di side juk di best"......"me have me wife inna me yard but me woman outta road ah breed" so many songs seem to glorify the "other woman".

What does it take to be the "other woman" and why does one do it?

I guess there's the obvious scenario, of the chick looking for a sugar daddy, you know her, she doesn't really want to make her own way in life and she's hot why not get "paid" for what she'd be giving up she is not a "prossie". I found out that they actually have websites for this sort of arrangement, and the girls will actually specify the amount of "allowance" they expect a month. Interesting.

Then you have the ones who go out of their way to meet this man and make sure they worm their way into his life in whatever way they can. Think that movie "Obsessed" with Beyonce. Once they set their sights on the man, they plan to get him no matter what...these are the ones that may go a little crazy and lie, cheat, steal beat the wife into surrender and move in......seems like a lot of work....Just saying

Then you have the delusional ones who are actually in love. They have this hope bubbling deep down that one day this man will love them too, have this big 'aha' moment and leave "her". Do they think about the fact that if he indeed has his aha moment, one day they might be in the same position they ousted wifey from? This aha moment doesn't often happen, and if it does, it's highly unusual that she will get the happy ever after with him never having another aha moment.....see where i'm coming from here?
Smart women with common sense fall victim to this scenario too, because love is a funny thing, blissful even , just like it's cousin ignorance. and sometimes you love so hard you will be prepared to settle for whatever tidbit is thrown your long as you keep in mind that you might never get your might be ok.

So depending on the category you might find yourself in, it seems to take a lot of different thinks to a matey make, strength, love, crazy, idiocy, naivety, boldfaceness (lol).

I can't claim to know why people get themselves into sticky situations, I just know that sometimes things are more complex than they appear on the surface. Like miss tanya says:
well if him wah stray
him will find a way
no matter how much you move like mange
cause if him leave me alone or me send him back home
and nutten inna you house no change
you know you still a go lose him
Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to condone the matey way of life, or to put the blame on anyone, not even Akon (and he requested it) and I'm not here to judge one way or the other. you women who have a man, sometimes you gotta check yourselves. I am not of the belief that someone can "steal" your man, he tends to go off willingly (even in a blackmail or threat to the family situation, he goes along willingly with the hope that nothing will  happen...he coulda just said "baby a crazy lady is stalking me" right). What I'm saying, is that just because you're happy and it's all hunky dory for you, sometimes , like when painting, you need to take a step back to actually see how the picture is coming along.

By no means do I think this "pon di side" situation is limited to men. Women creep all the time too..... but that creeper story is for another day.

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