Wednesday, 1 September 2010

closing the account

Question of the day:  Would you leave a social networking site for your SO (significant other)

My answer: UM NOOOO.

This question was posed as Facebook status, and the poster said that he would. His reasoning was that in relationships you have to compromise and also that he flirts on facebook and though it's harmless his SO may not "understand".

Ok, let me get this're on facebook/myspace/hi5, whatever and you get involved with someone. This someone gets a bit miffed that you "flirt" on whatever site and demands that you close your account. I have a few problems with this whole scenario.
First thing, you were already on the site when the new someone  came into your life, hell they're probably on the site too. Secondly, while I agree with compromise, this isn't a compromise, it's an ultimatum (CONTROL) hidden in a request that they will somehow manage to try to convince you (probably with emotional blackmail)  is the right thing to do. And third...if you or the someone can flirt online, chances are you can flirt everywhere else, so unless you're going to ban the person from having contact with anyone but you, deleting your account doesn't actually make sense.

I will not be giving up my social network for my SO, sorry if that's going to be a problem....until they make my beloved Farmville a stand alone game....any someone I eventually end up with (if ever) will just have to deal with it.

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