Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The "Whooty"

A friend of mine recently posted a picture on his facebook page, of a "whooty", you know a white (girl with a) booty, with the caption "where do they grow these". This picture sparked a huge debate.

I think I was the first to comment, something along the lines that all that is growing is a sale in silicone. After me, there were numerous mentions of maybe she does squats and goes to the gym...all by one guy. This same one guy decided that any female who mentioned implants or those booty pop panties had to be a *drum roll* HATER!

Excuse me for a minute here ok, but I don't really think that if you were born with a square flat ass, a million or more squats will turn it round and applicious. I'm getting the feeling that this brutha probably dates white chicks and has some self hate issues hiding in his scrotum. Hey, I'm not saying anything is wrong with dating a white chick.... I'm sure some are born with a big ole butt.... (insert shifty eyes)

Ever since Kim K and her "leaked" sex tape and her whooty, it seems ass implants are no longer reserved for video hos models and groupies. Nowadys little Becky from the bible belt is rushing out to buy some ass enhancing drawers dye her hair blonder than it already is and add some brown highlights, put on some barbie pink lipstick with the dark brown lipliner, and fake eyelashes to try to work her way up from l'il mo mo from the wrong side of the tracks, to a "baller" (you know the tall or stocky black guys who kick or throw a ball for a living) to the ultimate "big baller" (the rapper), and indulge in some "look pa I done found me a mandingo who licks me better than he picks ya cotton" fantasies

I think I'm missing the days where (cue Sir Mixx-a-lot video) the white chicks looked at a big old bootilicious I can see that ass from the front..., butt with disdain.

And me trying to get rid of my god given the world done flipped y'all.


  1. I hate that word "Hater"... it's being used out of contexts for too long.

  2. A "whooty"! That's a new one! Hhahaha!!
    Girl stop tryna get rid of your butt already!
    As for them pale chicks....I have no words. They don't like us yet they keep trying to emulate us...go figure!