Sunday, 30 May 2010

Emotions vs Actions

I am of the humble opinion that emotions are something you cannot control, however you can choose how you react to certain situations.
I am, as most people are, guilty of bad reactions at one time or the other.I was looking back on certain events of my life and I wished I could have hot tub time machined myself and told my then self to relax and wait to react. I never want to change the emotions I went through, because I think you need to feel certain things, to help you become who you are.
What I cannot abide is people who take things badly and then instead of dealing with that, they tell all kinds of lies about whatever situation. Man/Woman up people! Be hurt and angry and elated and anxious, but for fuck's sake, be an adult and take it, roll with it and move on a better person, especially when you are of an age where you can reason with yourself. jeeze louise

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