Saturday, 20 September 2008


Alban and Gussi, my heart goes out to you both. Pat will be sorely missed.
It won't bring her back, but Jax ahould be made to pay, squeeze every damn drop you can get out of them, and their unsound structure.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Better in time

I was watching one of the music channels recently and Leona Lewis's video for the song of the same name [as the title of this post] came on. I'm totally a soppy love song/sad song kinda girl, and I love this song. I like the sentiment, contrary to popular belief, sentiments are very necessary. The chorus goes :

thought I couldn't live without you
it's gonna hurt when it heals too
it'll all get better in time
even though I really loved you
i'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
it'll all get better in time

It got me thinking though. They (yeah you know those people who no one knows but are always listening too) say that time heals all wounds, but is that really accurate? I mean do the wounds really heal completely or are they always there just waiting on the most inopportune moment to stick their tongues out shouting ''nyar nyar nyar I'm still here'' and making funny faces?

How do you know that you're healed though? It's easy enough to think that you are, but what about the little niggles that come to you every now and then? What about when you need to vent and the first person you think of venting to is that very same wound that is supposed to be healed? Does it mean that you're not healed, or is it that you're so healed that you can deal with the wounder like nothing ever happened?