Thursday, 14 August 2008

PSA: Vagueness

If you're having a conversation with somoe you consider your significant other (SO) and they're being overly vague..more than likely they don't consider you their SO. I don't mean vagueness to hide a birthday present. Let's have a little example:

the set up:SO is teasing you about being sexy and wanted by the world..

you: sweetheart come now, you see me through rose colour glasses anyway, I'll never be every one's type
SO: while I understand that not everyone will want to take you home to meet mommy I'm pretty sure no one is going to turn you down [sexually]
you: so which category do you fall into
SO: you know what category I fall into
you: I wouldn't ask if I did
SO: well you should

this people is the moment you need to either get your last freak on, or say eff it and blue ball that man/woman and get the hell out of Dodge. if for some reason you stay and get attached and the answers to many questions seem vaguer than normal....seriously HE/SHE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.
while he/she may be very into the sex, you are just one of his/her dollar worth of dimes. save yourself the heartache and pack up and go find yourself then find someone who will appreciate and love you the way you not only love and appreciate them, but in the way you deserve to be know the kind of person who will actually say 'i love you' and actually mean it.

just a heads up, I had an epiphany and decided to share