Friday, 6 June 2008

why would you go stay at someone's house and leave a collection of your short and curlies for them to find on the soap?

this is why i make my own soap than no one but me touches.

yuck! grown ass man (well .... anyway) at that. *shakes head*

Thursday, 5 June 2008

I live in a country where most everybody has jacked up teeth. So this morning I finally went to the dentist to have the broken tooth seen about. Why oh why did I have to wake up to get there for 9am only to have her poke and prod and poke around in my mouth, and now (well past 2 hours later) though she said it would be fine in 2 hours, I still cannot feel my top lip. It is a hot day, I walked to the dentist and then down the road and then into the stores (where I got a sexy wear absolutely nowhere) and back, panting like a dog because one side of my mouth is numb and drinking water will only have me dribbling. Top that off with me sneezing every two steps, cause pollen is dancing the Charleston in my damn nose, and it makes for a less than happy bunny.
Well at least I got some yarn and a dress. But pray tell why is some man so drunk he's slurring (@ 11:sumn am) walking behind me chatting 'I like the way you walk, I like the way you walk'? It's time for these people to send my travel documents and let me get the hell out of Dodge. I have concluded that either Prince ''I like black chicks'' Charles has my passport under his bed or MI5 consider me some strange security risk. Yes, just as much as Austin Powers, and ain't nobody shagging me at the minute.

One more thing, I was recently told ''don't come home, no man here''. Um???????????????
What the eff is that supposed to mean? Because I'm female I'm looking for man? Any female who wants to go back to her native country is only doing so to look man? I can't live without a man? I tell you if it wasn't for the amusement factor that some people provide I'd lock off a whole lot more people than I already have. To the best of my knowledge, I am not 'looking man'. But then again I am female, so I must just not realise my role in life is to look man and breed for him.

*shakes head and goes to catch a few zzzz*

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I have no label no name no tag. Today I just want to ramble on about a few things that have gone on the past few days.

Generally I go to the movies alone, for one simple reason. There ate VERY few people who I can enjoy watching/going to a movie with. That is over 2 hrs in close proximity with someone, so I'd prefer to go with someone who won't annoy me. *sigh*
I went to see the SATC movie, and eff what you heard, that movie is wonderful. I enjoyed it immensely, except for the person who was with me. I have few rules when I go to the movies, but I'd rather they be maintained militantly.
1. Unless the movie is scary, do not grab at me
2. If you are not the man whose knees I am currently making weak please do not put your arm
around me
3. Do not at some point poke prod or whisper loudly to me 'yuh see dat' eff it man, you notice my head and eyes are facing front and my eyesight is adequate, more than likely yes I did effing well see it.
4. And please don't be trying to have a conversation with me or the people on the screen, I don't want to hear it and they can't actually hear you. I have no problem with a little chat now and again, but clapping and saying 'no girl don't go out that door' will get you one rasclaat fingernail in your eye.

So while I loved the movie, I had to deal with this person tapping my jacket, or in loud whispers telling Carrie this and that, and at one point getting loud with me chatting about stuff that they obviously didn't understand, about a situation in the movie. I didn't pay money to get popcorn stuck in my damn teeth only to lose minutes cause you feel the need to argue with me. I don't condemn I don't convert, have the same damn courtesy.

On to the next thing. You know what, fine I have come to terms with people calling me bougie, I am comfortable with whatever label people need to make for me, to feel comfortable with themselves, so I'm going to say this. I cannot abide ghetto ass people. Especially the ones who don't seem to get that they are ghetto. I don't mean with the peacock weave and floor length finger and toenails. I mean ghetto in attitude. Please not I am not using 'gully'. How in the hell are you going to make this statement ' I can't believe they're married, she doesn't act like a (insert last name here), I mean if I marry someone with status I'd at least try to look the part'. I'm sitting there thing wtf kind of sticks and stems did someone give you to smoke? I mean seriously, are you on the same shit that Lauryn Hill is on?
This is why I stay off msn and stick to texting people. I can only take certain people in SMALL doses.