Monday, 17 March 2008

I'm alive

I didn't need to suicide watch after all. I had a fab weekend :)
Well I'm still rather annoyed about missing Jah Cure (though I hear as per usual they brought him onstage so late people were just not bothered....seriously promoters you have to do a better job).
Anyway so just in case you all thought that I'd jumped off a bridge or something nopes I'm alive and well.. Ok maybe not well cause I have a dry cough and a sore throat. I blame a certain individual but I already know I'll be blamed for passing it along to them. *SMH*
So yes, I had a quiet weekend but it was the best weekend I've had for a very long time. I just hate when it has to end. Yes yes boo fricken hoo.

Anyhoo. I happened to witness some MA torture this weekend, and I must be a glutton for punishment because here I am looking at MA programs. I have seen one I like. Shoot it's not like I'm working, and I'm feeling rather useless and bored. So I'm looking, I have seen something that I like But that's out country. But I like the course and well it's far enough
We shall see