Saturday, 8 March 2008

In this day and age....

Why in the hell are people still running around having sex with all and sundry without protection? Condoms are readily and easily available. Hell they're free at most Family Planning Clinics. Yet people are still running about sexxing up the world without care for their own safety and that of their families. If you decide to cheat on your spouse, then at least respect him/her enough to use protection, because more likely than not the spouse is faithful and trusting and will be having sex with you with without a condom. Unwanted babies are the least of the problems people. AIDS is rampant and it's not a walk in the park. Magic Johnson is alive because he had a lucrative NBA career and many endorsement deals and has invested wisely( and probably doesn't have full blown AIDS). Most people in a small Eastern Caribbean island don't have access to the amount of money needed to drug up and live relatively healthy lives. Yet still people insist on riding bareback. You do not know who he/she is sleeping with and who they've slept with. Women, come on now, you should be long past the days of believing 'you'll do it if you love me', if he loved you he's not be asking you to put yourself and him at risk.
There is no shame in being tested. I'm due for a check up soon. I make sure I go every 6 months an get tested for everything. I haven't had sex since AUGUST! and I'm also clean and disease free since my last test in September It's not a badge of honour, hell I get horny like everyone else, but I'm not seeing anyone, and while I'm not here to judge a soul, I just am not the kind of person to sleep around. I need to have an emotional connection with the man I sleep with, I don't mean I have to love him or he has to love me, but I need to have some kind of connection. If you want to have one night stands and have a million and one sex partners, fine go ahead, but please do it safely. If you want to play Russian Roulette, go ahead, but I'm just not at all happy about you playing with my life. Unsafe sex basically puts us all at risk in one way or the other.
Recent events I've head about just give me the strength to keep the iron panty on and not go out and rape someones boy child.
Honestly people, come on!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

productive day

I'm so proud of I have this old HP laptop that decided to burn out and die on me in the last year of University, but somehow I've kept it. I did ask a computer guy in the computer store if it was salvageable and he'd told me just throw it away (I have a new laptop, well it's not new anymore. lol). I just pushed it to a corner, but then a computer geek friend of mine told me that if I could rescue the hard drive and get a HDD case I could use it as an external HDD and it should still have my files on it. I really want the files, I've got some nice pics of a friend of mine and I at 2 something am after a soca fete and some other pictures of me with my short short hair. Sooooo today I finally got the laptop open and got the HDD out, I've stored it out of the way and now I'm on the hunt for cases or something. Y'all know I'll be bugging my geek friend for help, cause y'all know my ass is technically challenged.

On another note, I was rifling though some papers and found an a4 sized brown envelope addressed to me from the publication Reggaematic. The address was handwritten, I don't know by whom but it was nice writing. Anyway it just made me smile to see the printed version of the online mag. I remember the whole process that the editor went through trying to get it off the ground, and well seeing it today made me smile. I wish it was still being published, but I know there's really no time for the editor to play with it. Shame, cause it's a great magazine and it kept me up to date. It's a little bit funny that on the shelf above it was a picture that I'd put away because it males me smile and cry all in the same breath.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Con Artists

There's this whole spate of identity theft going on, from e-mails asking you to update your bank details (when you have no account with that particular bank), to stealing your trash, or your PIN number. Today was a first for me though, I got a phone call today that was odd. The very professional sounding man on the other end of the line asked for me by name and then asked me about my cable provider. I was ready to brush off the man because I thought he was just another telemarketer. I said that I already had that service provider and was about to hang up when he cut me off and told me that my breakdown cover was almost expired. What's odd is that he called to talk to me about the cable provider, he knew my address but he didn't know I don't pay the cable bill. If you're calling from the provider, you would know whose name is on the bill no! As soon as I said that I don't pay the bill, the phone went dead. Breakdown cover is added onto the monthly bill anyway, and it's not called 'breakdown cover' we're not talking about a vehicle. Anyway some trusting, nice person might have given out their bank details and ended up going to an ATM only to find no money in their account and a million and one credit card bills coming at the end of the month.
They've come a long way from conning the older rich woman, or the Mr Matumbas asking for account details to deposit X amount of USD into your account with a big cash reward for you for letting it happen.
Ah I tell you.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Giving up

Voldy used to always tell me that I give up too quickly. But I've not given up yet. I'm still fighting through this whole 'choice', when I just really want to do the exact opposite. *SIGH* I know that there's nothing to go back to, because where I was before this whole 'choice' wasn't a good place in any case. But somehow it was still better than where I am right now. But ''they'' say things always get rougher before they get better.Guess I'm at that roughest point.Hopefully that means I'll be a little better soon.
fingers crossed for me eh.