Friday, 22 February 2008


I need something new and positive in my life, it's time to cut my hair. Every time I say I'm going to cut my hair, especially when I let it get longish, people all around me (and on the net) get into a sort of panic and start making little dolls in my likeness and poking me in places I'd rather not mention so I won't go near scissors. People, it's dead cells, or protein...something, but it's dead. It will not feel the heat, chop or whatever else I'll be doing to it. Get over it. It will grow back one day. And if it doesn't well, it just makes wearing hats easier, and unnu know say mi love mi hat dem.
So I've got people who I haven't spoken to since GHS and Grammar school days, hell people I haven't spoken to since primary school sending me messages begging me not to cut it. The funny thing is that I'm not even planning to do my usual shaved head.......yet.
The style I have in mind is quite cute, it would work when my hair is in its natural form or when I take a ceramic iron to it. I refuse to relax my hair. That being said, I now have to find a stylist in this country who I feel able to trust with my head. I have heard many a horror story of some weave wearing coffee grained head woman phucking up a client's head on purpose. This country has serious issues with 'good hair' (how I abhor that term), make it worse if you're afflicted with 'good hair' and your skin is also beige (yes girl...I used You're pretty much done for, because you obviously feel that you're a house negro and therefore better than everyone else. *big sigh*
Back to my hair. So I'm torn because I really want to get it done, it's so liberating to get your hair cut, it's like cutting off a bunch of bad stuff from your life, you feel so much lighter. If that were only the case, being lighter I mean, then I could eat chocolate cake again. *bigger sigh*.
Yes, I now have to look around for someone who can deal with my hair and deal with it well. Suzanne girl I miss you right about now. You would be a little harsh with me and chide me because you know that it'll be straight the one time you do it then I'll go back to not caring and just wash and go, but at least you know how to handle my hair properly.
If I get though, I will post a little pic showing what I've done. Whenever that may be....If they phuck up my head, well it's an excuse to sue them and to just cut it all off.
Voldy is the only person who has never really been on my case not to cut my hair. Voldy liked me.....well my hair however it looked.... bird nesty to pig tails. Though one could argue that Voldy just didn't give a rat's tooshie really.. hmmm. No I lie, Voldy isn't a fan of the relaxed and long look, Voldy finds that I look rather Anglo.
Though nappy or straight people in this country are forever trying to figure my ethnicity out. It can be quite amusing. And I do things to confuse them for spite. Yet I'm already looking a property on Brimstone Ave. LOL
so as they say ''hair today.....gone tomorrow''.
BTW: you know what's really sad, I'm still peeping my inbox hoping that you'll reply. When is this shit gonna end?

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Eye Test

I know they are important (seeing that I was told I need a mild prescription for distance glasses) but can someone tell me why I paid a man £30 to blow in my eyes and make me read letters, only to tell me my eyesight is basically good just that when I need to see a million miles away I might have a bit of blurring unless I get glasses????? Shouldn't this thing be free? I mean they are getting hella profits off the frames. The only thing I would like the ability to see a million miles away for, is to watch Voldy sleep. And that is a no no, because that is taking 2 steps back and I'm trying to be progressive and move forward.

** Yes you are Voldy, as in Voldermort from the Harry Potter series, you know the very powerful bad magic person who's very soul was kind of intertwined with Harry's in a way, not that I'm calling you evil, but you're the opposite of what I am, you know yin and yang, can't have one without the other or there will be no balance and all that malarky**

Anyway yes so I gotta go choose glasses. I need to keep in mind the haircut that I want to get soon. We women have a hella lot to think about huh? The optician was asking me if my general health was ok, so I said yes except for the little weight I'm trying to lose. He looked at me, raised and eyebrow and said 'do you need to lose weight, what does the height, weight ratio thing say' I was like I dunno what it says but it's sure as hell not wearing my jeans. Because he's my age, if I was a different kind of female I would assume all his banter was a come on. But I'm me and I never think along those lines, plus sooo not my type. My type right now is nothing, under 'type' there's a void, well there's a type but that's off limits, so there is nothing.

So all in all, I have pretty good eyesight, I can spot all the little green dots whilst following the little red dot, indicating that my depth of vision is A- Ok. Maybe the glasses will make me look all intelligent and ting.

You (out there in readersville) learn to flow along with my train of thought. It's best to let the tide take you and not fight it like Salmon or Koi, or it will get rather confusing.

one last thing, CSI last night... I didn't get to pay attention because my cousin had me on the phone for the entire episode...honestly I would think they know by now that to disturb me during CSI is like letting a type of shubbery run the country...not a very good idea. Sacrilege really. Anyhoooo. Gary Dourdan.... *drools*. That's all. I'm out.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Going to the chapel........

Black love does indeed exist! As living proof, check out Robert Gray’s magical proposal, that was all the buzz on the Internet. This brother from Atlanta went to great lengths to show his intended, Keisha Williams, how much he loved her. To save money for a proposal that required ten hotel rooms, 400 roses flown in from South Africa, dozens of candles and a personal photographer, Gray rented out his home for a year and moved in with his sister. When asked why he went to such lengths to propose, Robert said, "It was truly a vision from God."

I came across this on a site and couldn't believe nor understand it. Every female was gushing about how romantic and sweet and beatuiful this proposal was. All I could think was 'WTF is wrong with this creepy control freak?'

Look, I don't know if I'll ever get married,and it has never been my life's ambition. However if some nice man wants to propose to me, I'm a simple person, a picnic on the beach at sunset, a romantic hike to a waterfall will be fine. If you really need to go roses and candlelight, well fine then, fill a room in your place with them.

But this man rented out his house just to be able to afford to fly in 400 African roses and rent out 10 rooms in some hotel? ERM, that chick needs to check herself out of that and run far away. Family and friends all holding hands and praying for the couple... obeah anyone????
I'd feel quite pressured to say yes in that situation, and somehow I don't see that as a great way to start a new chapter of your life together.
Couldn't he just take the money he got from renting and pay down on a nice house for them, or take her on a fantastic round the world trip and propose over an ocean or on top of a pyramid or something. I'm sorry I don't get it, and I'm one of those hopelessly romantic people who lives in la la land, with faries and elves, skipping on cotton candy clouds etc...

I hope for their sake the marriage lasts until forever and that they're happy all that time (course you'll have little squabbles and arguments, but that's kinda how you know you love the other never let unimportant people get under your skin) cause that would sure as hell be more of a waste of money than it already is.

If anyone knows him, could you ask him to please rent his house again because I could sure do with about £5,000 sometime between now and the end of next week. Pay off bills and pay for my ticket and shipping out of here before my mother can make me do something that I do not want to.Thanks

Monday, 18 February 2008


I recently read something the blue chocolate had posted, about going out and having a teeny bopper on her case. It amused me because I can totally relate. I have given up on understanding men, because I cann't afford to lose anymore brain cells.
It just seems that male people of certain ages go through slightly odd stages. When they hit 30 it's like an alarm bell goes off in their pants (sorry I was correct the first time) and they have to give chase to everything female with an inviting ....... who happens to be under the age of 25. But it's completely opposite for the youngins. It would seem that as soon as a guy hits 18, his alarm bell singnals that he needs to go though a sort of rite of passage. He has to get with an older hottie, bring on the MILFs. This youngin was after me for about 2 years until he got the message that I wasn't at all interested. But I recently found out, had I bothered to go there, it really would be robbing the cradle because he only turned 20 this year. While it's ok for a man to deal with a female 10 years his junior, women are seen as washed up, wrinklies trying to recapture their youth (I generally feel this way about the Hugh Hefner types myself).
He did explain to me that he's not really interested in females (I hasten to call them women or ladies, becuase most have neither the strength nor class to come under either category)his own age because they are too busy trying to find a sugar daddy. Whether he actually believed that or just thought it sounded good I don't really know. But he was right, that does seem to be the case these days.
The Graduate was a movie, a movie I have no interest in reenacting!!

While I'm on the odd male stage subject. Caucasians have become rather bold over the last few years. When I first came to this country, they wouldn't even look me in the eye (but then I was a very naive 16, so maybe I didn't notice). Now I can't walk down the road without one of them calling out to me. I was minding my business the other day while one bicycle rider decided to curb crawl, drop 'nice ass', and ride off into the London smog. Um????? When did this happen? But then I've had blinkers since 2001, so I've not noticed a whole lot where menfolk are concerned.