Friday, 31 October 2008

mood swing

I'm in this "I miss him" mood. It's been coming on for a while. I've been expecting it. I don't like it and I want it to go away.
This is Rihanna and Neyo all over again. You know 'hate that I love you'.

so this is my solution for tonight, I plug in my external hard drive, turn up the volume and listen to some dancehall. Pour myself a glass of El Dorado, and enjoy the quiet and darkness of my house.

Have I mentioned that I've gotten a puppy. Right now he's about 6weeks old, weaned from his mother, but used to being with many other dogs. I'm guessing that he's a bit lonely, which I'm also guessing is why he's body slamming my door like a WWF wrestler. But he has to learn the harsh realities of life, I will not be around to play with him all the time. So I'm letting him bawl for the time being, until I can get him a friend to play with. I don't want him to become too dependant on me.*sigh*