Tuesday, 14 October 2008

dressing for work

i am completely flabbergasted, gobsmacked even at the way these people dress to go to work. on a normal day i see strappy heels, stripper looking heels, skirts so tight and short that if they dropped a $50 note it would be best for them to leave it and walk on.

on fridays it's usually 'dress down'. but the people in my workplace take it too far. i walked into the office last week and was greeted by the receptionist in a bright green t-shirt and green flipflops with capri style baggy jeans. um???
then there was the girl all decked out in a camo green 3/4 tight enough for yeast to grow pants and a wife beater. um?

so i have put up a dress code that is sure to raise eyebrows and have eyes cut at me, but guess what? i wasn't hired to be liked, i was hired to ensure that the news gets out on time and is properly edited.

tough tits