Monday, 29 September 2008

Current mood: more than slightly annoyed

Look I can understand that when people have been involved for a good deal of time that people expect to see them together and will expect them to know about each others lives. I can understand that if said people end their relationship and don’t run around broadcasting it, that people may still ask them questions about each other, 1, 2 even 3 months down the line. However, when it has been 1, 2, 3 years and counting, it is a bit ridiculous to expect either person to know jack shit about the next.

Now depending on the circumstances of how the questions might arise, I could be persuaded to answer and not be annoyed. For instance last night a friend and I happened to be talking about Dengue and I mentioned that someone I used to be involved with had cursed me out when I’d been rather happy, not so much to have survived Dengue but to have lost some weight because of it. She then asked me about him, and I answered as best I could.
However…… I am fed up, seriously fed up of people asking me questions about someone I was once involved with. I say involved because when I was asked how long me and said person were together I said ‘we were never together’ but then I told her how many years anyway. Generally I have stopped answering that question because while I used to think that we were "together" from point A to point B, please note that there are people who believe that aluminium foil will protect them from small green men who want to push metal rods up their asses.

This is a very private blog, there aren’t many people who know of its existence, and I don’t tend to use it to send messages, but in this case I think I have to.

So this part of the post is dedicated to you, person I was once involved with, if you still peruse this blog from time to time that is.

Please, and I am pleading on my knees right now (and you know this usually wouldn’t happen unless we were both naked and within rather close proximity to each other) that you write a memo about your personal status and send it off to all media houses, so that people will stop asking me questions. All I’m saying is that if I keep being made to answer questions I’m going to get angry and when I get angry I get "ignant", any semblance of tact that I have will go right out of the door. Before you start getting huffy and puffing up your chest, THIS IS NOT A THREAT, all I’m saying is that I might just chip off and say some shit that might end up tarnishing your public profile (not personal anything about you or me...I would never do that…but just "ignant" shit).
These are the main questions that people seem to want answers to:
1. Is he with/still with that queen of all Camden Park skettels, who "it is rumoured" has slept with the world and their father, including a close relative of his? (if the answer is yes, then, ‘ew’ but it is not my business)
2. Is he engaged to the above mentioned skettel?
3. How does he like his job/how is he doing?
· Also people keep asking me if I still love you. Well DUH! You can’t be involved with someone for such a length of time and not have them leave an imprint on your heart; well I can only speak for myself. But what the hell are they getting out of asking me that?

Not that I think you give a rats ass about me and my peace of mind, but please would you let your fan club in on your business because I’m tired of people asking me questions that I don’t know the answers to.
No, this is not some childish amateur dramatics production of "Please come back to me". While this could have been sent via email, I’d rather not have that kind of contact with you. We haven’t spoken in months and the way things went last time it doesn’t seem to me that we will be on speaking terms in the near future if at all. It took me x amount of years to actually get my head out of the clouds, but hey, better late than never right, and as my new found motto goes "I only check for people who check for me", and honestly we both know you’ve not been under that umbrella ella ella for a long time now.

That is all, thank you.

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