Saturday, 10 May 2008

the sun is shining is sweet

but for how long eh? i don't trust this place when it's all sunshine and warmth. it's up to something i tells yah.but while it's trying to fool me off i will take advantage of it's fake hospitality and go out and enjoy the weather some more.
However this is the time of year that my hatfever comes into full effect. Imagine I lived surrounded by grass, bush and flowers and trees all my life but come foreign to take on hayfever. *sigh* i want to go home!
I actually had dinner with a school chum (lol) from primary school who i've not really seen since '91. good times...though for a place named 'Mr Jerk' they really can't make jek chicken. *please note i went to dinner before i made the last post* I'm really going to try to wean myself off meat and see how that works out for me.try being the operative word here.


I hate seeing homeless people. It really saddens and angers me and upsets me all at the same time. I know that many of them on the streets are addicts and giving them money is not a good idea. This one time I was waiting on my forever late friend @ a train station and I see this man all desheviled sitting in a corner of the stairs in a very cold month of the year with no shoes...being the sap I am I went into my purse to get some change to give him..but I got sidetracked (I think ever late called ot texted me) when I looked back.. dude was getting his shoes from where he'd stashed them and got some coins out went to a payphone called someone and told them he'd meet them at the next station. Sufice to say I kept my damn change. However.. not all people are trying to scam you. I hate seeing older people who obviously need help. It's really infuriating because some of them actually have families who just can but won't care for them or they have no one and are taken advantage of or just don't have a lot. I saw this old lady walking (i was on the bus) and she was using rubberbands to hold the soles to her shoes. I don't know how i didn't burst into tears then and there. If I'd had money in my purse (you get so used to credit/debit cards here) I'd have gotten off the bus and found some way to give it to her.
If what I say next makes me racist well so be it. It bothers me more than anything to see a homeless person who happens to be black. It hits me harder. I don't know if it's because I'm pissed off because white people here have soo many oppertunities and are literally spoon fed options so them being on the street is slightly less bothersome to me (yes i know many young people run away from situations etc and I do feel for them).
This is what sparked this add on. yesterday and today makes 2 elderly homeless black men that I've seen. It's not a common sight where I live. *sigh* and people question Fidel's way of governing his country.....


  1. "forever late friend"
    ah wonder who dat be?