Tuesday, 27 May 2008


There's this female who I've been friends with since we were maybe 4 or so. We live in different countries but we make sure we keep in touch. She has in the past few years become one of the churchy people who try to convert you because if she doesn't both you and her wil end up in the firey pits of hades.
So why did I mention to her last night that I'm considering rasta livety (ok that's a lie if I really think about it I've already made steps and am in transition)? I forget that people can be rather closed minded if you chose a different system of belife than they have.
The response I got was written in a rather condescending tone.
She says : 'I hope you're not considering it for the freedom of smoking weed'
All the time I'm thinking WTF?? She has to be out of her cotton picking mind right. Steups!


  1. sorry you had to deal with that! there's nothing much I can say other than i remember who you are even if she doesn't.

  2. ain't that some sh*t. lol then last night she sends me some fwd 'god still loves you' or something to that effect. I just had to laugh girl.

    i mean hello, a REAL rasta smokes weed for a specific reason, just cause someone has locs doesn't make them a rasta... ahh boy

  3. come to think about it I think Mr.Lewis used to only drink the tea, and not smoke it. but i think he was under serious pressure from the police as well.

  4. Mr Lewis? from GHS?

    yeah i've been told the green leaves make a tea that's good for colds and stuff.