Thursday, 15 May 2008

*shakes head*

Ok what the h e double hockey sticks is it about you men that makes you decide it's a great verbal intercourse to say 'rasta girl' 'sexy' or some such oratory fart? Then when you get no response you are heard bellowing (by people miles away) 'you weren't that nice anyway'. Seriously? You were the one trying to give the nudge nudge wink wink look, so what is it, you like 'not so nice looking' girls?
I'm in the supermarket yesterday minding my own business walking in the tinned veggies aisle looking for peas and corn when 3 reprobate looking Neanderthals somehow locate me and decide to try to start some conversation with the great and mighty always a sure fire winner 'rasta girl'. Hello no eye contact, I'm not even sure i would have noticed you if I wasn't scanning the neighbouring aisle for something. I carried on with my shopping only to find that I was being followed into the next aisle. Well sure it's possible they were shopping, but people in a supermarket who are actually there to shop generally have some item(s) in their hands, basket or trolley. Then it was something to the effect of (I'm thinking for my benefit since it was said loud enough to be heard in JA and not so far from my ear) ''*suck teeth* she nah one real rasta yuh know when yuh inna dance and dem say shake yuh natty". Listen you dumb f*ck Morgan heritage told me (ok so not personally) that you doh haffe dread to be rasta, so (as the Aussies would say) rack off!. I'm pretty sure dumb f*ck and his brethren were looking for corned beef...if they'd been careful enough to look before yapping they'd have noticed the only things in my cart were fruit, veggies, cous cous, juice, (basic pantry items) and fish.. But hey maybe the fake hair he had all braided up in his head was pulled too tight and interfering with his eyesight.

men seriously if a woman isn't giving you a come hither signal (believe it or not, ignoring you isn't a come hither signal, it's a haul yuh muddac*nt, so suck yuh mummah signal), don;t then get all emotional and have to try and play some macho man randy savage to your little feeble male friends because you got a diss.

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