Saturday, 17 May 2008


The person I usually rant to (cause I always feel better after I talk to him, he calms me and gives me good advice without seeming like he's telling me what to do)is AWOL right about now so I'm ranting here. If you're reading this then you know me pretty well, and you know that my mother's husband aggravates the living daylights out of me.
After spending a long day on the train going to country to a birthday party for my cousin's husband, finally getting there to be overrun with children and too many bits and pieces of family long time friends and other Vincentians, a longer train ride home, I open the front door and step on the mail only to realise that it's from the Home Office. They are writing me YET AGAIN to ask for more bullshit things that I don't even have because they have my muddaclaat passport and I can't actually apply for anything that they are asking me to supply them with (ie a employment letter, etc). I call my mother to tell her. Then I notice the other envelope containing HER passport, that they somehow decide is ok to send back because she has to travel (when I muddaclaat want to muddaclaat travel back to where I muddaclaat come from and they have me like a muddaclaat prisoner) on the weekend. I call her again to tell her, and her husband answers and starts questioning me about the first letter and what they want. I go through the list an I say well 'whatever I will write them and they will get the letter I send and they will just have to take that'. He starts on oh it's how you construct the letter. Hell muddaclaat O I can write a muddaclaat letter, did I get a muddaclaat 1 for English by fucking everyone on the governing boards. N muddaclaat O. STEUPS. I feel my voice getting that defensive tone I take when talking to him because he tends to condescend. If you want to control your wife and she obeys then that is your business but when you start on some shit like you want to try that on me we will have problems. One day I know I will chip off on this buffoon. Anyway, he's repeating the structure shit and I'm cutting him off so he hands his wife the phone, I tell her I have her passport, she says to keep it cause they will be leaving from here and coming down on Friday night. Did they muddaclaat ask me if I had muddaclaat plans? Cause I muddaclaat do, well did cause I know his fat ass will sleep downstairs by the TV and I just do not care for the drama, so in my room I will stay, I am not coming in late and waking up anyone....(I might change my mind cause I already promised my know I won't). Anyway hang up and go up to bed, phone rings, my aunt calls out that my mother wants me to email the letter that i will write to them to her before I send it and she will make any necessary changes. Right here I know that is him talking eh (trust me I know this fuckpot). What I can't be trusted to snivel an beg them to please please I know I'm not Nigerian but please gimme a bligh and stamp me passport? I can't be trusted not to write "GO SUCK YUH MUMMAH", and call it a day? I will be writing a letter, by hand, I will not be emailing it to anyone for approval. Right about now I've had it with them and this fuckry I WAN TO GO HOME. and these kissmeass people can GO SUCK THEY MUMMAH!!!

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