Wednesday, 21 May 2008

my gripeth for todayeth

When I wake up and look out my window I see a little courtyard thing with trees. I open the front door and step into a small area barred from the rest of the building and outside,and there's a line of trees. I leave the building and walk down the road and one side has houses where people have plants the other side is a park with a lot of you guessed it trees. If I walk down the street(at the bottom of my road) in either direction there are trees. The scenic routes that I like to take are filled with trees and at this time of the year every one's garden is in bloom. Wonderful, you might say right. Well yes to an extent. But me walking very close to all of this leads only to one thing-and no not the weird birds who eat who knows what and seem to have diarrhea every couple hours- conversations that go like this:
man from Layou (random friend of my aunt's) : hello gorgeous how are you (I'm about to give him a look but then notice all the lecherous looking men around and am suddenly filled with thanks that he didn't use my name)?
me: hey I'm ok
man from Layou: you look tired

Now it's not that I'm tired, but I don't particularly look bright eyed and bushy tailed because I've got gritty watery eyes, sniffles and sneezing every two minutes that I'm out of the house at this time of year and have stupidly forgotten to take some form of antihistamine.

How the hell have I managed to leave an island where I lived my whole life (ok fine for you technical folks, not all my life, I mean there were those times in American and well here, and that other island)on, surrounded by all manner of flora without so much as a hint of a sneeze unless I was coming down with a cold or managed to stick black pepper up my nose, but managed to come be a prisoner here and contract..hay fever. *sigh*

so endeth my gripeth

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