Tuesday, 20 May 2008

mixed signals? missed signals?

I'm very easily confused, and something confused me recently:

You're dating (and I use that word loosely because everyone including you knows that he lives with and is very much involved with the mother of his children) a man. You and the man flaunt your illicit relationship in front of everyone who cares to look in your direction. Something happens, you end it or he ends it.
See now here I'd assume the story ends...but nooooo.
You turn stark raving loony on the man, park outside his house at all hours, call his house at midnight then hang up.
I mean you didn't actually think he would leave her for you ...did you? He always states the opposite.
You go off into the world and happen upon a man that you find attractive, and woo hoo this one is single. You start dating. Yo flaunt that in every one's face as much as possible, as though you need to prove to the world that you're madly in love, and of course at every opportune moment, you shout from the mountaintops 'we're in love you know'.
Is it just me, or isn't it overly obvious when people are in love, therefore the in you're face 'we're in love you know' is just not necessary?
If that 'gag me with a spoon' behaviour wasn't enough, you then follow the ex (the one you went Norman Bates on) around, because you need for him to see you and the new man, and know that you are very happy without him.
Um, if you need to prove to the ex that you don't need him, isn't that kinda an admission that you're really not over him *scratches chin*.
And somehow the new man doesn't mind stalking your ex with you, because he needs to show him that he is the better man since he has captured your heart.
Again...um....you're a grown man over 10 years senior to the female you're seeing but you let her lead you around like a little pip squeak boy throwing it into ex mans face that you're so together now. Seriously? Isn't that kinda stupid of you? Doesn't something in the back of your skull thump you rapidly and exclaim ''SOMETHING AIN'T QUITE RIGHT BUB"

Y'all see why I'm confused? Can someone make sense of this for me? Thank you.

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