Thursday, 22 May 2008

bugs..all all kind

So we're having this Spring/Summer weather right. What this means is that the bugs are out in full force? This brought forth a memory.
See I was home and this imp happened to decide to come by. Now all afternoon I had been sitting in a puddle of cold sweat because of a big black bigger than my hand spider that happened to come visit me. The things somehow got into my room and decided to trap me by lounging over the door. Of course I couldn't go out to the kitchen for the Baygon (ok Bop cause Baygon and me don't pull too good). It finally *after about 10 minutes of me whimpering* took a leisurely stroll elsewhere (ok it could have been shorter but I can't bear to look at them *shudders* so I was glancing back every so often to ensure it was where it was), and I sprang forth to the kitchen got the bop shuffled into the room and jumped on the bed eyes shaded and jump sprayed in its general direction. You know I'm sure i sprayed that thing about 20 times until I was choking in there but the em effer refused to die.
Now the imp comes by and I mention the spider, which is now over in a corner and staying there. A good while later I hear something, and I look to where it came from and it was the spider all balled up and gross. See that's how big the thing many spiders have you ever HEARD fall? EXACTLY!!!
This is the classic...the imp says 'I hope you don't expect me to get rid of it for you'. I laughed inside. I had no intention of asking the imp anything, but in that moment I thought "Voldy would have just got rid of it no question..just like that time there was a s spider on the gate when we were going to the beach one day..yes Voldy laughed at you but Voldy opened the gate so you wouldn't have to deal with the spider".
Needless to say after much exaggerated yawning, the imp got the message and left.

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