Wednesday, 2 April 2008

red tape and backbush

So I went ahead and applied to do a Masters program at some country university.. OK ok it's a good school it's just out in the country where the accents are thicker than bad gravy. I did my application online....only to have some admin email me and ask if I could possibly send them the things I already uploaded on the damn application. WTF is that? This is the most backward country I have ever lived in...and to think I used to complain about Antigua.

Top that off with the letter I got in the mail today from Liz and Charlie's people asking me to send proof that my mother is my mother and my nationality. Now in my f*cking application for this f*cking new status in this f*cking country I included originals (because they insist on it) or my birth certificate and my mother's and our passports. If these Muddass people have lost my shit I will not be at all amused with them and their level of fuckry.

*woosah woosah* let me eat my farine and brown sugar and calm down eh.

I've been thinking that since I went through the whole application for the MA process that I should do it...but then I think I'm being offered a job (mind you the pay will be crap) that seems interesting and will afford me the ''experience'' that all other employers seem to be looking for...not to mention this job is somewhere I want to be. Hell if the UN would hire me to do that field job (phototakeouting and documenting) I would be more than happy to move to NYC (for more reasons than I care to state)..but I know that ain't gonna happen because though if I do say so myself my application essay rocked more than the cradle in the tree top I could never answer the question about seeing and experiencing devastation to their liking...I just haven't been in that situation. Two likkle hurricane does not equate to a famine or military coup. So yeh the job.. as soon as Liz and Charlie's people get their act together whether it's a yay or nay, and once the job is still available I think I'm going to seriously tell boss man I will take it. I'm more than ready to get on up out of here.


  1. girl do what makes you happy , you can always take the job and defer enrollment for a year. Just a thought.

  2. yeh chick i'm thinking all kinda thoughts...just can't do anything til i get the travel documents back *sigh*