Friday, 4 April 2008


I went out today...they say 'summer' has officially begun.....I doh believe them...I doh truss dem! Anyway it was sunny and bright and I went out in a blazer...but unlike white folk here I will not be fooled by the fake sun and it's fake warmth that disappears once you hit a shadow...I had a sweater and shawl in my big ole bag.

Anyhow I went about my business jumped on a bus only to be told 15 minutes into the journey that the bus wasn't going to Oxford St because of roadworks on Regent St. So I gather they didn't know about these roadworks til then..because I can offer up no other suggestion as to why the bus would falsely advertise where it was going when I jumped on it. Did I mention that the driver (who I was sitting behind) was cruising like it was sunday morning...why.... because he had to watch all women he drove past. Can you do that shit on your own time...people have things to buy.

So i get off in Trafalgar Sq and walk to Regent St.. I was going to the bead store. Yes the bead store...just call me Martha. I ended up spending way more than I lied to myself and said that I would...but my dumb ass also put down something that I need and now I'm here trying to work out how to attach the damn wire to the earring hook without the pack of round wire that I accidentally put down and didn't pick up. I will figure this shit out and I will be rocking my hawt earrings soon.

Will let you know (with pics) how it goes. But I'm overly excited and so I'm going back to my pliers and wires and beads.



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  1. lol, see this is exactly why I didn't start making my own jewelery. And girl i know exactly how you feel about the bus it used to happen to me every time I had a test, and where was my class all the way in the center of campus.