Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Attitudes and Opinions

There it goes minding it's own business flying along the highway then WHAM a windshield attached to a vehicle going 80 mph hits it head on. Poor little bug.

This is the feeling I got a few years ago when realisation hit me like a ton of bricks..that the person I thought was a friend for many years was not a friend at all..but the dreaded FRENEMY!

Yup Yup. I can be pretty slow..naive..I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I guess I'm too damn trusting sometimes. I mean she and I never really got along until she somehow miraculously decided I was her bestest friend.

When I sat down and actually thought about all the bs this chick put me through it was really eye opening..because at the time it was happening I couldn't see the woods for the trees ..if you catch my drift. It's like really need to sometimes stop and stand back and look at what you've done before diving back in.

This chick would know I had a baby crush on a guy and would actively go after him..and because I'm pretty sure I had bravado but real self esteem issues I'd just step back. But heaven forbid the shoe ended up on the other foot.There was some guy she's liked for years the guy met me once and decided he liked me..and I was unfortunate enough to think that it was ok to 'talk' to him. Chick didn't speak to me for about 6 weeks.... red flags right..LOL.

Then there was the time I met this guy one night...(the same guy I'd been begging her to introduce me to for about a week and she wouldn't) ..and this girl was trying to get at him..yow the fremeny was there helping the girl interrupt us. I know right.

It's a shame when females feel that how many men the sleep with or how many men pay them attention somehow validates their life. The fact that her family seemed to get along with me better always annoyed her. She hated a close male relative for years because her dad and him were close like father and son. Yes she got some issues. I always always always defended this chick.....when your grandmother asks your friend to 'please talk to her' you know something ain't right. But I'm done with that. I speak to her but that's about it..because there was one incident about 2 years ago that really sealed the deal for me..and I very suddenly got over it.

It's just funny how you see yourself and how how others see you...even more amusing when you see yourself the way others see you. I still don't understand why some women see me as a threat. I am not going after anyone's man *sings* CHIPPING DOWN THE ROAD WID ME OWNA MAN not I TEKKING WAY SOMEBODY HUSBAND. I never think that I'm some great beauty that every man is drooling after..but apparently some women see me that way. Amusing I tell you.

On another note I was recently told that a guy said that I'm so sexy I look like the kind of woman who would just chew him up and spit him out. He can't talk to me.
Hello???? What the hell is intimidating about lil ole me? Ok I can be ''outspoken'' but that's because I have no tact. I was also told I'm passionate and aggressive..there you have it further proof that I'm Latina.
I will never understand how people look at me and come up with this stuff but hey...wuddeva!

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