Monday, 10 March 2008


I've been known to get on a small crate with 'soap' written on the side, when something irks me more than normal. The other day I was very disenheartened to hear that Movado wasn't allowed into the country because 'his lyrics are a major cause of youth violence' (I didn't say it). So it's not relative deprivation, it's not poverty, unemployment or just want of a quick buck that makes people get into a life of crime, oh no it's the lyric 'gangsta fuh life' right! *rolls eyes*. What got me going was the fact that the country was up in arms about that, to the extent that a local paper went on record in their editorial to talk against it. But that same paper had no problem part funding a show whose headliner is best known for lyrics such as 'hot fuk' and 'she's a ho'. The same paper was happy to let its staff get half price entry into a club night dubbed 'pimps and hos'. Now Jah Cure is set to perform in the country this coming weekend. There is nothing anywhere in the local media about this, the man has a criminal record, a sex offender no less. Now let's get one thing straight, I have always been on the side of the fence that thinks the whole case against him was hinky and though I wasn't there I'm not sure that I believe that he raped anyone, and he sure as hell seemed to not have a fair trial. That being said, what I'm getting at is that you can't in one breath bang on about censorship, and the decay caused to societies, and with the next breath have nothing to say because it either doesn't affect you, or will help you out in some way. You take a stand and you stick to it. I know this man who says that he's allergic to chicken, but he'll eat peleau but take the chicken out. Um hello it's cooked with chicken, if you're allergic the rice will affect you the same way. It's like people who refuse to eat the 'unclean' hog, but somehow at Christmas time they're the first in line for a slice of baked ham. It's the same animal.
Don't get me wrong here, I'm a HUGE fan of Jah Cure, I might even need to be put on suicide watch this weekend, since the link to the radio station isn't working for me anymore so I won't even be able to listen live online. I would have been front and center (well ok maybe not because I don't do ghetto ruffian crowds) doing the 'hot wuk' dance and singing along with 'she la la la la bum bum she lay I an I buk a hot gyal today'. Hell I would have been pon de gully side chanting 'force it up hard in har, mek she feel the 9 yard in har, mi sintin heavy like concord in har, mi cocky versus her punnany war'. I would have gotten my Pimp chalice out and ready to go to the club. All I'm saying is that there are certain issues that you just shouldn't straddle the fence over, especially if you've taken a stance as do gooder, big christian, preachy mc preachy or devil worshipper , whatever. Make up your mind about an issue and stay focused. While people are allowed to have a change of mind, something tells me the silence surrounding this has nothing to do with a change of heart or mind. I just find it kind of sickening really.
Maybe it's the LOS (lack of sex), maybe I'm not thinking clearly seeing that I believe that LOS is a major factor in the death of braincells, and the shut down of metabolism.. that being the case I may not have very long to live (not from the suicide I mentioned before, but from my damn body shutting down on me) *big sighs*.
Papa Cure, they say that your music hasn't been the same since you were released from prison. I don't know how true that is I haven't heard much from him since , but I love 'Sticky'. I suppose some of the best art, whether music, painting or poetry come from pain and suffering, creative people kind of thrive on it. But it's like an addict thinking they need a drug to be good at things. Once you were born with that talent, you don't need the suffering to bring out what's in you, just find the button that helps you bring it forth to the masses. I am truly devastated that I'll be missing that show, that would be a happy birthday for sure. Everyone enjoy and be safe!

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  1. Hey you happy b-day i can't keep track of these things. Sorry i haven't been about recently. Just wanted to say I. And yes I believe that if you decide to have an opinion you should stick to it and LOS does kill brain cells just not as many as you think. or maybe i should say it puts them in a coma only to be reawakened later on.