Thursday, 6 March 2008

productive day

I'm so proud of I have this old HP laptop that decided to burn out and die on me in the last year of University, but somehow I've kept it. I did ask a computer guy in the computer store if it was salvageable and he'd told me just throw it away (I have a new laptop, well it's not new anymore. lol). I just pushed it to a corner, but then a computer geek friend of mine told me that if I could rescue the hard drive and get a HDD case I could use it as an external HDD and it should still have my files on it. I really want the files, I've got some nice pics of a friend of mine and I at 2 something am after a soca fete and some other pictures of me with my short short hair. Sooooo today I finally got the laptop open and got the HDD out, I've stored it out of the way and now I'm on the hunt for cases or something. Y'all know I'll be bugging my geek friend for help, cause y'all know my ass is technically challenged.

On another note, I was rifling though some papers and found an a4 sized brown envelope addressed to me from the publication Reggaematic. The address was handwritten, I don't know by whom but it was nice writing. Anyway it just made me smile to see the printed version of the online mag. I remember the whole process that the editor went through trying to get it off the ground, and well seeing it today made me smile. I wish it was still being published, but I know there's really no time for the editor to play with it. Shame, cause it's a great magazine and it kept me up to date. It's a little bit funny that on the shelf above it was a picture that I'd put away because it males me smile and cry all in the same breath.

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