Saturday, 8 March 2008

In this day and age....

Why in the hell are people still running around having sex with all and sundry without protection? Condoms are readily and easily available. Hell they're free at most Family Planning Clinics. Yet people are still running about sexxing up the world without care for their own safety and that of their families. If you decide to cheat on your spouse, then at least respect him/her enough to use protection, because more likely than not the spouse is faithful and trusting and will be having sex with you with without a condom. Unwanted babies are the least of the problems people. AIDS is rampant and it's not a walk in the park. Magic Johnson is alive because he had a lucrative NBA career and many endorsement deals and has invested wisely( and probably doesn't have full blown AIDS). Most people in a small Eastern Caribbean island don't have access to the amount of money needed to drug up and live relatively healthy lives. Yet still people insist on riding bareback. You do not know who he/she is sleeping with and who they've slept with. Women, come on now, you should be long past the days of believing 'you'll do it if you love me', if he loved you he's not be asking you to put yourself and him at risk.
There is no shame in being tested. I'm due for a check up soon. I make sure I go every 6 months an get tested for everything. I haven't had sex since AUGUST! and I'm also clean and disease free since my last test in September It's not a badge of honour, hell I get horny like everyone else, but I'm not seeing anyone, and while I'm not here to judge a soul, I just am not the kind of person to sleep around. I need to have an emotional connection with the man I sleep with, I don't mean I have to love him or he has to love me, but I need to have some kind of connection. If you want to have one night stands and have a million and one sex partners, fine go ahead, but please do it safely. If you want to play Russian Roulette, go ahead, but I'm just not at all happy about you playing with my life. Unsafe sex basically puts us all at risk in one way or the other.
Recent events I've head about just give me the strength to keep the iron panty on and not go out and rape someones boy child.
Honestly people, come on!

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