Monday, 3 March 2008

Con Artists

There's this whole spate of identity theft going on, from e-mails asking you to update your bank details (when you have no account with that particular bank), to stealing your trash, or your PIN number. Today was a first for me though, I got a phone call today that was odd. The very professional sounding man on the other end of the line asked for me by name and then asked me about my cable provider. I was ready to brush off the man because I thought he was just another telemarketer. I said that I already had that service provider and was about to hang up when he cut me off and told me that my breakdown cover was almost expired. What's odd is that he called to talk to me about the cable provider, he knew my address but he didn't know I don't pay the cable bill. If you're calling from the provider, you would know whose name is on the bill no! As soon as I said that I don't pay the bill, the phone went dead. Breakdown cover is added onto the monthly bill anyway, and it's not called 'breakdown cover' we're not talking about a vehicle. Anyway some trusting, nice person might have given out their bank details and ended up going to an ATM only to find no money in their account and a million and one credit card bills coming at the end of the month.
They've come a long way from conning the older rich woman, or the Mr Matumbas asking for account details to deposit X amount of USD into your account with a big cash reward for you for letting it happen.
Ah I tell you.


  1. that why i screen my phone calls. If they know me well they know I'll call back. I've had someone steal my debit card number and 3 months later I'm still fighting to get it resolved. ( I didn't Give it to anyone)

  2. girl yeh. but i didn't answer the phone. lol.