Wednesday, 13 February 2008


'' Greetings this new age babylon culture..don't worship technology and bow to computer'' is the opening of 'Micro Chip' by Tarrus Riley. Then we have Damien Marley ''smarter than most intelluctual fools weh spend their time pon internet chatroom''. Honestly I have to agree. You join a chatroom and expect to wile away boredom with jokey natter and perhaps a debate on relevant topics. But mainly what you are bombarded with is foolish posts from people who think thay have something to say, young idiots trying to act older and failing miserably, and time wasters who have absolutely nothing to offer the world, and are more like a hangnail on the big toe of civilasation, and let me not forget the I.G's (internet gangstas). I suppose the anonynimity of the internet that turns people into stark raving loonies? I mean ok, so maybe you're a cuckhold, wimp, small d*cked man who pumps up in the gym to have something big on his body to look at, in real life. That doesn't mean you're alter ego ''DAN''needs to make an appearance. You know, the Dotish Ass Negro. This refers to a male or female.Get a grip folks

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