Thursday, 14 February 2008

V-Day (sounds kinda like VD huh)

Right. Something about this day makes women turn into red eyed monsters. Valentinezilla. Me, I'm not interested, It's just another day. The hightlight being that at 9pm tonight the new season of 'Bones' starts. I will be parked comfortably in my bed happily watching Brenan and Boothe avoid the underlying sexual tension between them while trying to solve a case. Oh happy day! And no that ain't sarcasm.

Today can sometimes be make or break for women. Ladies really, if your man isn't the romantic rose petal strewing,sweet nothings whispering, crying during Chick Flicks, kinda guy 364 days of the year, but somehow manages it all today, HE'S FAKING. Honestly, is that what you want? To be lied to? Do you fake it in bed? No probably not, so why accept the male equivalent? You want to be able to brag to friends, strangers, and people you work with that 'my man...' did XYZ for me. Is it really that important? If you feel the need to make a big deal out of his one time flash in the pan effort, surely that says something about your relationshio no?
Don't get me wrong, candlelight, roses and a chocolate fountain is great but I want to feel that desired, loved, wanted and needed all year round, not just because Hallmark makes a big deal about it. Get a grip women get a grip.

So I'm boycotting this the 14th of Feb. I was invited out to *lime with some girlfriends. But I just can't face that crowd of people, even though the soca will drown them out. I'm old now, I'll leave the living to the young folks.

*Lime(ing)- to hang out, chill, spend time with.
not to be confused with Liming( dating, seeing, checking for). Same word, completely different meaning. I shall use them both in a senence

Lime (to chill)
Lime:I going buss a lime wid dem people.
You liming later?

Lime (to date)
Liming: Yeah boy I hear he liming she long time

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