Tuesday, 12 February 2008


I feel as though I'm singing the Sesame Street song, because once again it's a sunny day.
I was very naughty today :( *hangs head in shame*. As I stated it was a nice sunny day so I took the scenic route and went out for a walk. What was intended to be a healthy bit of exercise turned into a cheeseburger and chocolate milkshake Happy Meal. *SIGH*. Granted it's been like 6 months since I've had any junk food at all and I don't make it a habit. But goodness me. In my defence I was hungry, it was quick and I did walk uphill all the way home. Hopefully it's balanced out.

Last night I spent a lot of time pondering life. Trying to figure out my next move. Do I just pack it all up call the shippers and high tail it back to the sunshine (the real sunshine, that one that tans/burns depending on SPF)? Honestly if it were up to me I'd just pack it in. But even at my age it isn't. I've got a West Indian mother. Need I say more? Voldy used to tell me that me and mommy need to come to a compromise, and she needs to know that I'm a big girl now. Well Voldy is no more so what was said doesn't matter. WRONG. One of the reasons that I get so annoyed with Voldy is that Voldy is usually right about things.
I suppose I would need a source of income. The honeymoon period is over I am no longer ok with not working.It's slightly aggravating actually.

*what's also aggravating is the fact that spell check and picture upload still aren't working for me wtf is up with that????*

I'm not really ready to spend x amount of £££ to gamble on something that may not pan out, but the mommy is, *sighs* so I'm stuck for a bit unless some generous soul wants to sponsor me some of their lottery winnings or offer me a high paying job.
I suppose that I'm just in a melancholy mood again. This is what happens when I'm left alone with my thoughts. Voldy creeps in, I start thinking about everything and stressing about what I have no control over in my life; which is pretty much all of it.
At least it was a good hair day. I will never understand for the life of me what is the fascination men seem to have with curly hair. But whatever floats your boat

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  1. Hey veve. i know the feeling, when left alone with my thoughts, mommy tends to creep in. here's the thing you all those things you want to try but haven't had a chance to try. Go for it, find something you love and then do it. Something is bound to work out and it might just be sideline to what you eventually end up doing or it might be the main event. my sister in law moved to maui two years ago on what seemed like a whim and ended up finding her way. just a thought.