Sunday, 24 February 2008

"I choose to be happy"

One of my favourite people popped by on Friday after she finished work. She's my 39 year old cousin, and she has been to hell and back the past couple years, but somehow she's always smiling. I'm serious she's an eternal ray of sunshine, you can't help but feel good around her,I absolutely adore her. She said that a coworker had asked her why she was always happy, and her response was that she chose to be. I think that's one hell of a mantra to live by.
Anyhoo, she, my aunt and I got into talking about a lot of stuff, over some Mount Gay and stew chicken, rice and peas and ginger sauteed veggies.
One of the topics was marriage. She asked if I wanted to have the 'big day' fluffy white gown, bridesmaids and the whole nine yards. As I have said before I was never the child playing mommies, and daddies and 'house' back in grade school. I was never the young woman with a scrapbook of wedding ideas. Marriage isn't essential to me. I'm not saying if I was asked by the right guy,I'd say no, but I wouldn't die a slow and painful death if it doesn't happen. There is only one man who I ever pictured myself married to, and unfortunately I don't see that as something he wants to happen, but had he asked me, the answer would definitely have been yes....would still be yes. Anyway, back to the wedding, I said that while the 'big day' would be ok, I mean ok, it could be done I'd be fine with it, but I'd much rather have something low key. Barefoot on a powder fine sandy beach with the waves lapping at our feet, a flower in my hair, the priest and a few people who wish us well, would be wonderful. Hell I could see myself eloping to Vegas or going to a registry office/city hall. I'm not a fussy person, I don't need the show, just a big slice of chocolate cake, a man who will promise (and be true to his word) to love, respect and honour me the way I love, respect and honour him, and another piece of cake :), (that includes us being in a monogamous relationship with and only with each other) and all will be well.

in other news the diet and exercise thing is going to hell in a handbasket. I need some help!!
:( jeeze no wonder Voldy bailed.

y'all think they got lay away for lipo?

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