Friday, 22 February 2008


I need something new and positive in my life, it's time to cut my hair. Every time I say I'm going to cut my hair, especially when I let it get longish, people all around me (and on the net) get into a sort of panic and start making little dolls in my likeness and poking me in places I'd rather not mention so I won't go near scissors. People, it's dead cells, or protein...something, but it's dead. It will not feel the heat, chop or whatever else I'll be doing to it. Get over it. It will grow back one day. And if it doesn't well, it just makes wearing hats easier, and unnu know say mi love mi hat dem.
So I've got people who I haven't spoken to since GHS and Grammar school days, hell people I haven't spoken to since primary school sending me messages begging me not to cut it. The funny thing is that I'm not even planning to do my usual shaved head.......yet.
The style I have in mind is quite cute, it would work when my hair is in its natural form or when I take a ceramic iron to it. I refuse to relax my hair. That being said, I now have to find a stylist in this country who I feel able to trust with my head. I have heard many a horror story of some weave wearing coffee grained head woman phucking up a client's head on purpose. This country has serious issues with 'good hair' (how I abhor that term), make it worse if you're afflicted with 'good hair' and your skin is also beige (yes girl...I used You're pretty much done for, because you obviously feel that you're a house negro and therefore better than everyone else. *big sigh*
Back to my hair. So I'm torn because I really want to get it done, it's so liberating to get your hair cut, it's like cutting off a bunch of bad stuff from your life, you feel so much lighter. If that were only the case, being lighter I mean, then I could eat chocolate cake again. *bigger sigh*.
Yes, I now have to look around for someone who can deal with my hair and deal with it well. Suzanne girl I miss you right about now. You would be a little harsh with me and chide me because you know that it'll be straight the one time you do it then I'll go back to not caring and just wash and go, but at least you know how to handle my hair properly.
If I get though, I will post a little pic showing what I've done. Whenever that may be....If they phuck up my head, well it's an excuse to sue them and to just cut it all off.
Voldy is the only person who has never really been on my case not to cut my hair. Voldy liked me.....well my hair however it looked.... bird nesty to pig tails. Though one could argue that Voldy just didn't give a rat's tooshie really.. hmmm. No I lie, Voldy isn't a fan of the relaxed and long look, Voldy finds that I look rather Anglo.
Though nappy or straight people in this country are forever trying to figure my ethnicity out. It can be quite amusing. And I do things to confuse them for spite. Yet I'm already looking a property on Brimstone Ave. LOL
so as they say ''hair today.....gone tomorrow''.
BTW: you know what's really sad, I'm still peeping my inbox hoping that you'll reply. When is this shit gonna end?

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