Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Going to the chapel........

Black love does indeed exist! As living proof, check out Robert Gray’s magical proposal, that was all the buzz on the Internet. This brother from Atlanta went to great lengths to show his intended, Keisha Williams, how much he loved her. To save money for a proposal that required ten hotel rooms, 400 roses flown in from South Africa, dozens of candles and a personal photographer, Gray rented out his home for a year and moved in with his sister. When asked why he went to such lengths to propose, Robert said, "It was truly a vision from God."

I came across this on a site and couldn't believe nor understand it. Every female was gushing about how romantic and sweet and beatuiful this proposal was. All I could think was 'WTF is wrong with this creepy control freak?'

Look, I don't know if I'll ever get married,and it has never been my life's ambition. However if some nice man wants to propose to me, I'm a simple person, a picnic on the beach at sunset, a romantic hike to a waterfall will be fine. If you really need to go roses and candlelight, well fine then, fill a room in your place with them.

But this man rented out his house just to be able to afford to fly in 400 African roses and rent out 10 rooms in some hotel? ERM, that chick needs to check herself out of that and run far away. Family and friends all holding hands and praying for the couple... obeah anyone????
I'd feel quite pressured to say yes in that situation, and somehow I don't see that as a great way to start a new chapter of your life together.
Couldn't he just take the money he got from renting and pay down on a nice house for them, or take her on a fantastic round the world trip and propose over an ocean or on top of a pyramid or something. I'm sorry I don't get it, and I'm one of those hopelessly romantic people who lives in la la land, with faries and elves, skipping on cotton candy clouds etc...

I hope for their sake the marriage lasts until forever and that they're happy all that time (course you'll have little squabbles and arguments, but that's kinda how you know you love the other person...you never let unimportant people get under your skin) cause that would sure as hell be more of a waste of money than it already is.

If anyone knows him, could you ask him to please rent his house again because I could sure do with about £5,000 sometime between now and the end of next week. Pay off bills and pay for my ticket and shipping out of here before my mother can make me do something that I do not want to.Thanks


  1. I totally agree, this is a brand new version of stalking i tell you. And you're right why not take that money and put it away for retirement for both of them, or a trip, kids college education. I'm a romantic but I'm also practical.
    As for doing that for the love of god , he may thin he did it for that reason as well as telling her he loved her. but really God didn't say we must go to conspicuous excess, for anything. If you already have the money fine go ahead but if you don't take a chill pill.
    As for the wedding, if you have to hire a publicist and the rest of the dream team and you're not a member of a prominent family (Kennedy, Jackson[as in Jesse]) maybe you need to need to reevaluate.
    By the way he is sooo screwed he could have saved this for their 25th wedding anniversary, now what's he going to do?

  2. that's if they last til then girl.