Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Eye Test

I know they are important (seeing that I was told I need a mild prescription for distance glasses) but can someone tell me why I paid a man £30 to blow in my eyes and make me read letters, only to tell me my eyesight is basically good just that when I need to see a million miles away I might have a bit of blurring unless I get glasses????? Shouldn't this thing be free? I mean they are getting hella profits off the frames. The only thing I would like the ability to see a million miles away for, is to watch Voldy sleep. And that is a no no, because that is taking 2 steps back and I'm trying to be progressive and move forward.

** Yes you are Voldy, as in Voldermort from the Harry Potter series, you know the very powerful bad magic person who's very soul was kind of intertwined with Harry's in a way, not that I'm calling you evil, but you're the opposite of what I am, you know yin and yang, can't have one without the other or there will be no balance and all that malarky**

Anyway yes so I gotta go choose glasses. I need to keep in mind the haircut that I want to get soon. We women have a hella lot to think about huh? The optician was asking me if my general health was ok, so I said yes except for the little weight I'm trying to lose. He looked at me, raised and eyebrow and said 'do you need to lose weight, what does the height, weight ratio thing say' I was like I dunno what it says but it's sure as hell not wearing my jeans. Because he's my age, if I was a different kind of female I would assume all his banter was a come on. But I'm me and I never think along those lines, plus sooo not my type. My type right now is nothing, under 'type' there's a void, well there's a type but that's off limits, so there is nothing.

So all in all, I have pretty good eyesight, I can spot all the little green dots whilst following the little red dot, indicating that my depth of vision is A- Ok. Maybe the glasses will make me look all intelligent and ting.

You (out there in readersville) learn to flow along with my train of thought. It's best to let the tide take you and not fight it like Salmon or Koi, or it will get rather confusing.

one last thing, CSI last night... I didn't get to pay attention because my cousin had me on the phone for the entire episode...honestly I would think they know by now that to disturb me during CSI is like letting a type of shubbery run the country...not a very good idea. Sacrilege really. Anyhoooo. Gary Dourdan.... *drools*. That's all. I'm out.

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