Monday, 18 February 2008


I recently read something the blue chocolate had posted, about going out and having a teeny bopper on her case. It amused me because I can totally relate. I have given up on understanding men, because I cann't afford to lose anymore brain cells.
It just seems that male people of certain ages go through slightly odd stages. When they hit 30 it's like an alarm bell goes off in their pants (sorry I was correct the first time) and they have to give chase to everything female with an inviting ....... who happens to be under the age of 25. But it's completely opposite for the youngins. It would seem that as soon as a guy hits 18, his alarm bell singnals that he needs to go though a sort of rite of passage. He has to get with an older hottie, bring on the MILFs. This youngin was after me for about 2 years until he got the message that I wasn't at all interested. But I recently found out, had I bothered to go there, it really would be robbing the cradle because he only turned 20 this year. While it's ok for a man to deal with a female 10 years his junior, women are seen as washed up, wrinklies trying to recapture their youth (I generally feel this way about the Hugh Hefner types myself).
He did explain to me that he's not really interested in females (I hasten to call them women or ladies, becuase most have neither the strength nor class to come under either category)his own age because they are too busy trying to find a sugar daddy. Whether he actually believed that or just thought it sounded good I don't really know. But he was right, that does seem to be the case these days.
The Graduate was a movie, a movie I have no interest in reenacting!!

While I'm on the odd male stage subject. Caucasians have become rather bold over the last few years. When I first came to this country, they wouldn't even look me in the eye (but then I was a very naive 16, so maybe I didn't notice). Now I can't walk down the road without one of them calling out to me. I was minding my business the other day while one bicycle rider decided to curb crawl, drop 'nice ass', and ride off into the London smog. Um????? When did this happen? But then I've had blinkers since 2001, so I've not noticed a whole lot where menfolk are concerned.


  1. Ok I know this had absolutely nothing to do with your post. but you need to focus on you're photography, some of the shots you've done over the years are absolutely stunning.

  2. thanks hunny :)i do love it